With a history that reaches back thousands of years, Hebrew remains an essential language of discovery, innovation, creativity and beauty. Its roots in tradition and prayer found new expression with its redevelopment and renewal; after a long period of religious use, contemporary Hebrew became the national language of the state of Israel and has nearly 9 million speakers worldwide. Today, Israel has a thriving tech economy, cutting-edge agricultural and sustainability research and globally recognized poets, novelists and journalists.
The Israeli diaspora — Los Angeles has one of the largest ex-pat communities— has popularized Hebrew language music, television and film representing a vital arts and cultural footprint. Hebrew literature explores and examines the joys and conflicts of modern and contemporary experience, history and religion.
Study Hebrew at USC Dornsife and gain access to Hebrew as both a spoken and written language. A sequence of four semesters of Hebrew courses will have you speaking, reading and writing as you model life in a Hebrew immersive environment. You will learn not only how to order food and shop at a market, but how to open yourself to the deep complexities of Israel and the interrelationships between cultures, expectations and aspiration.

Tel Aviv Blog Project

  • The project “Tel Aviv Blog” was to create a blog about the city of Tel Aviv that inform the readers or future visitors about; historical places, culture, entertainment, markets, and the neighborhood of Tel Aviv.
    Every student had the liberty to design his other own blog, by sharing paces they have been and recommend to visit. The idea was to cover the historical perspective and the cultural perspective of Tel Aviv by visiting sites.
    Discover these projects here:
    Michael Pincusm a journalism major, studied Hebrew 120, 150 and 220. Discover his story here
    Aliza Wallack took Hebrew 220, she is planning to immigrate to Israel and start her life there:
    Discover her story here

Contact Information

For more information, please contact the Hebrew language director Hagit Arieli-Chai, at arielich@usc.edu