The paths to global competence: The Representations of Authenticity in the Pedagogical Strategies of Project-Based and Task-Based Learning

From the communicative approach, task-based learning (TBL), and project-based learning (PBL) to learning by design, the evolution of contemporary language pedagogical methodologies has progressed towards addressing real-world issues through highly structured frameworks and processes.

This fall, USC CLC will host a series of PBL/TBL talks and workshops to discuss integrating these methods into language curriculums and the challenges and steps of their implementation. The presentations will showcase various degrees of authenticity achieved through PBL/TBL to illustrate their impact on learners.

Additionally, USC language faculty members will participate in a round table discussion to share their PBL/TBL practices. The event will conclude with a comprehensive hands-on PBLL workshop led by an experienced trainer.

Join us for this inspirational series event in the fall!

Schedule at a Glance and Registration

  • Date and Time: August, 25, 12pm

    Location: THH 309

    Presenter: Maria Carreira

    Short Description: This workshop aims to address the gap in teaching methodologies for heritage language learners studying in mixed classes, identifying general strategies and approaches for this instructional context, and practicing the principles of project-based language learning to ensure that the needs of all learners are properly addressed.

  • Date and Time: September, 15, 12pm

    Location: Zoom Registration Link

    Presenter: Orlando R. Kelm

    Short Description: The presentation aims to share practical strategies for task-based and project-based learning of business language that also apply to other models of language teaching, as language for business purposes requires real-life applications and expertise in specific areas.

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  • Date and Time: September, 29, 12pm

    Location: Zoom Registration Link

    Presenter: Miao-fen Tseng 

    Short Description: This presentation showcases how authenticity and tasks govern the design and implementation of a technology-mediated task-based language course in Mandarin Chinese, highlighting curricular design, syllabus essentials, and versatile technology tools that fulfill curricular and pedagogical goals, and demonstrates how to navigate the OER Pressbooks platform for free download materials.

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  • Date and Time: October, 6, 12pm

    Location: Zoom Registration Link

    Presenter: Ying Jin 

    Short Description: In this session, attendees will learn how Project Based Learning (PBL) and the “Genius Hour” model can be used to develop Chinese classroom projects that allow students to use the target language in meaningful and authentic ways while exploring social justice issues, with insights into the project design thinking process, step-by-step implementation plan, logistics, and strategies for involving students in the evaluation process.

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  • Date and Time: October, 25, 12pm

    Location: TBA

    Presenters: USC Faculty

    Short Description: TBA

    Interested in joining the panel? Contact Professor Tin-Yu Tseng at

  • Date and Time: November, 3, 12:00-2:30 pm

    Location: THH 309

    Registration Link: 

    Presenter: Cherice Montgomery 

    Short Description: This interactive workshop aims to demonstrate practical strategies for integrating authenticity into language lessons to enhance student engagement and meaningful target language communication.