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The Department of Classics invites students to share in the study of the languages, literatures, and cultures of ancient Greece and Rome and the civilizations they helped to shape. We offer several undergraduate majors and minors, including an honors option, and M.A. and Ph.D. degrees. Areas of strength include Greek and Latin literature and social, political, architectural, and intellectual history. Collectively, we emphasize the long and complex story of how diverse communities of the Mediterranean basin, western Eurasia, and beyond have engaged with classical culture and thought from antiquity through the Middle Ages, the early modern period, and up to the present day. Because we are a small and collegial department, students have the opportunity to work closely with distinguished faculty and to develop individualized, and often interdisciplinary, curricular paths fitted to their own interests and experience.

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The Department of Classics is located in PED 130 on the University Park Campus. Our front door is located on the backside (southeast) of the building, opposite of ADM (Bovard) and Associates Park.
3560 Watt Way, PED 130, Los Angeles, CA 90089-0652

Department Administrator

Ryan Prijic

Office: PED 130J

Department Chair

Daniel Richter

Office: PED 130L