The graduate program in classics at USC aims to train students to become scholars, teachers, and interpreters of ancient Mediterranean civilizations, of the Greek and Latin languages and literatures, and of the traditions that have developed from them. In order to prepare students to work in a variety of intellectual contexts, the department seeks to provide both a traditional, substantive training in classical philology and the intellectual flexibility that will enable them to make the world of the past available to audiences of the present.

Prospective students are encouraged to contact the department at the address provided in the contact link for more information about the graduate program, as well as to consult the information posted on How To Apply page.

Classics PhD Program

The department offers the Ph.D. in Classics (Greek and Latin). Collateral offerings are available in related departments, such as Comparative Literature, History, Philosophy, Art History, English, Religion and Anthropology.

The graduate program offers mastery of traditional philological and linguistic skills as a basis for the study of ancient cultures, with emphasis on literature, history, and visual and material culture. Students are encouraged to explore interdisciplinary approaches to classical studies and the relations between classics and other fields. Courses in related departments are recommended and degree requirements permit students to develop individual interests.

Admission Requirements

An applicant for admission will normally have an undergraduate major in classics, but programs may be arranged for promising students who do not. The student should have an undergraduate record satisfactory to the department.

How to Apply

Degree Requirements