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Sustainability: Human Factors

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USC Wrigley Institute for Environment and Sustainability

Providing leadership for the Sustainability: Human Factors initiative, the USC Wrigley Institute has expanded its mission to connect USC Dornsife’s natural science researchers more deeply with our academic strength across the social sciences and humanities. Students engage through a wide range of research and internship opportunities, as well as a residential college hosted at the Wrigley Marine Science Center on Catalina Island.

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The Blue Economy

It doesn’t have to be a zero-sum game. We can use ocean resources to spur economic growth and improve livelihoods without harming marine ecosystems. With longstanding strength in marine biology, Earth sciences, chemistry, and related fields, USC Dornsife is positioned to lead innovation focused on the blue economy.

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USC Sea Grant Program
Kelp Aquaculture for Sustainability

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The Green Economy

USC’s environmental economists help society devise new “rules of the game” to spark green economic growth and adapt to the effects of climate change, while shining light on the vast opportunities to create new wealth, stable governments, and equitable communities.

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Sustainable Cities

What will it take to make urban environments greener, more affordable, more equitable, and healthier for everyone? At USC, spatial scientists, sociologists, urban planners, and policy experts help decision makers navigate competing tensions to shape a future where growing urban communities can thrive in an ecologically meaningful way.

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Spatial Sciences Institute
Middle East Studies

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Environmental Justice and Climate Equity

Success in building a sustainable society requires that all people can realize their highest potential without interruption by environmental racism or inequity. Experts at USC Dornsife explore new ways to reduce the inequitable distribution of environmental damages on underserved communities, helping to ensure that everyone thrives together.

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Equity Research Institute
Precarious Ecologies

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Accelerating Policy

Sustainability issues do not appear in shades of red or blue. As a national leader in practical politics and public policy, USC Dornsife provides an intellectual environment in which policymakers, business leaders, and academic researchers can work together to break through political roadblocks that stall the adoption of sustainability solutions.

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Climate Forward
Security and Political Economy Lab (SPEC)
USC Wrigley Institute Center for Social Transformation

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Public Exchange

To meet the growing demand for research related to climate resilience and “green” initiatives, Public Exchange recently launched a climate and sustainability practice that helps policymakers and organizations access academic expertise needed to move the needle.

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USC Urban Trees Initiative
Climate Change Terminology

Climate Forward

David Livingston’s Advice to the Next Generation of Climate Activists
Samantha Bee on Keeping Climate Issues in the News
Neera Tanden on the Politics of Climate

David Livingston’s Advice to the Next Generation of Climate Activists

Samantha Bee on Keeping Climate Issues in the News

Neera Tanden on the Politics of Climate