The Department invites applicants for a Instrumentation Facilities Manager with expertise in X-ray crystallography.

Undergraduate and community college students are encouraged to apply for a Summer Workshop on Plastics Sustainability. Read more here.


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We offer five distinct majors that each combine rigorous coursework, hands-on training with the latest chemical instrumentations, and a rich independent research experience. These prepare our graduates to pursue professional careers in the field of chemical and molecular sciences, or to continue their studies towards advanced degrees.


The Department of Chemistry at the University of Southern California is continuously training approximately 175 Ph.D. students in the various areas and disciplines of modern Chemistry. The program has several requirements, as well as multiple avenues of graduate student support.


Faculty in the USC chemistry department are active members of several interdisciplinary research centers and programs. They work together with graduate students, undergraduate students, and postdocs to develop novel solutions to scientific problems and to address key challenges facing the global community.

Featured News

Breaking the Constraints of Aromaticity

May 22, 2023

A team led by Prof. Fokin has made an important discovery regarding aromaticity which is detailed in the June 2023 issue of Nature Chemistry.

Professor Richard Brutchey wins 2023 USC Mentoring Award

May 1, 2023

Congratulations, Professor Richard Brutchey, for being awarded the 2023 USC Mentoring Award for Mentoring Graduate Students! The USC Mentoring Awards honor faculty who foster an engaging, supportive, and inclusive academic environment through excellent mentorship to students and faculty.

Professor Richard Brutchey is appointed as an Associate Editor of the American Chemical Society journal, Inorganic Chemistry!

April 14, 2023

Congratulations, Professor Richard Brutchey, on your appointment as an Associate Editor of the American Chemical Society journal, Inorganic Chemistry! In an interview with the journal, Prof. Brutchey states that he aims "to shepherd through manuscripts that highlight the critical role that inorganic chemists play in this field and make the journal a premiere destination for fundamental inorganic nanoscience research."

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