Core Activities

Build a Comprehensive Foundation


We offer five distinct majors. Each combines rigorous coursework, hands-on training with the latest chemical instrumentations, and a rich, independent research experience. These prepare our graduates to pursue professional careers in the field of chemical and molecular sciences and/or to continue their studies towards advanced degrees.

Grow Towards Independence


The Department of Chemistry is continuously training around 175 Ph.D. students in various areas of modern chemistry. Graduate students have ample opportunities to study with highly qualified faculty members, conduct supervised and independent research, pursue research funding, present at conferences, and receive excellent mentorship. These opportunities ensure preparedness for careers in academia and/or industry.

Push the Boundaries of Knowledge


Faculty in the Department of Chemistry are active members of several interdisciplinary research centers and programs. They work together with graduate students, undergraduate students, and postdoctoral researchers to develop novel solutions to scientific problems and address key challenges facing society. Through collaboration and ground-breaking research, the community of chemists at USC make a global impact.

Further Information

Contact Us

USC Department of Chemistry
SGM 418, 3620 McClintock Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90089-1062
Phone: +1 (213) 740-7036
Fax: +1 (213) 740-2701

Key Personnel

Department Chair
Prof. Peter Z. Qin

Department Vice-Chair of Strategic Planning
Prof. Matthew R. Pratt

Department Director of Undergraduate Education
Prof. Barry C. Thompson

Graduate Recruitment Committee Chair
Prof. Jahan M. Dawlaty

Division Heads
Prof. Chi H. Mak, Physical/Theoretical
Prof. G. K. Surya Prakash, Organic/Materials
Prof. Richard L. Brutchey, Inorganic
Prof. Vadim Cherezov, Chemical Biology