Named Lectures

Each year USC Chemistry supports a series of annual named lectures, hosting accomplished researchers to speak on topics that showcase cutting-edge chemical research of global importance.

  • A lecture in honor of John Stauffer – accompanied by a day-long symposium, formal dinner, and USC Chemistry award announcements.

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  • A lecture in honor of friend, colleague, and USC Chemistry Nobel Laureate George A. Olah.

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  • A main group-focused lecture in honor of USC Chemistry boron-expert, Anton B. Burg.

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  • A lecture in honor of USC philanthropist Carl M. Franklin.

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Divisional Seminars

Each of the sections within the Chemistry Department host a seminar series in the Fall and Spring semesters. There can be as many as 4 divisional seminars scheduled per week. We schedule these seminars as follows:

  • Monday – Physical/Theoretical
  • Tuesday – Inorganic
  • Wednesday – Organic/Materials
  • Thursday – Chemical Biology

Journal Clubs

Each section in the Chemistry Department also runs individual “Journal Clubs,” in different configurations throughout the Fall and Spring semesters. For example, the Inorganic Journal Club provides a mechanism for second year graduate students to present a literature paper related to their research in an informal setting, prior to presenting on their own research during their screening exam.

Student-Led Seminars

Several student-led seminars are organized throughout the year, for example, through the USC Student Chapter of the Electrochemical Society.

Fourth Year Seminars

As part of their Ph.D. program, all fourth year graduate students present a 30-minute seminar to students, postdocs, and faculty in their section. This gives an opportunity for the Department to hear about their research, and for attending members of their thesis committee to provide feedback.

For more information, see the USC Chemistry Graduate Handbook.