Faculty in the USC chemistry department are active members of several interdisciplinary research centers and programs.

Bridge Institute

The Bridge Institute brings together faculty from Chemistry and Biological Sciences with an overall goal of addressing “impossible” health challenges through a molecular understanding of the human body.

Center for Quantum Information Science & Technology (CQIST)

CQIST is an interdisciplinary academic center concerned with the study of the new possibilities that quantum mechanics offers for the acquisition, transmission, and processing of information.


iOpenShell is a center for computational students of electronic structure and for spectroscopy of open-shell and electronically excited species, which provides state-of-the art computational resources to experimental chemistry groups.

Loker Hydrocarbon Institute

Chemistry faculty in the Loker Hydrocarbon Institute place research emphasis on fundamental hydrocarbon and polymer chemistry, energy storage and energy carrier methodologies, as well as synthetic and mechanistic organic chemistry.

Norris Comprehensive Cancer Center

Several of the USC Chemistry are members of the Norris Comprehensive Cancer Center, one of the founding members of what are now 41 comprehensive cancer centers designated by the National Cancer Institute. Members of the cancer center are using interdisciplinary approaches to investigate the origins and progression of cancer, as well as developing diagnostics, prevention strategies, and searching for cures.


The USC Materials Consortium is an interdisciplinary group of researchers in Chemistry, Biology, Physics, and Engineering working together to develop the fundamental understanding necessary to overcome the most pressing challenges facing society.

Center for New Technologies in Drug Discovery and Development (CNT3D)

CNT3D has been established as a cutting-edge research center focused on applying breakthrough technologies in synthetic and medicinal chemistry, structural biology, computational chemistry, and machine learning/AI to drug discovery and development (3D).