USC Dornsife scholar honored for intellectual excellence and courage by the newly launched American Academy of Sciences and Letters.

Dec 12
8:30 am – 9:45 am Virtual Historian Maurizio Isabella of University of London discusses his book The Age of Revolutions in Southern Europe.

Missed diagnosis: The hidden crisis of mild cognitive impairment in America

Two new USC Dornsife studies suggest that of the 8 million Americans who have MCI, more than 90% don’t know it — an especially worrisome finding since early diagnosis is key to delaying onset of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.

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The Energy Issue

As we face the challenges of climate change, the energy choices we make now have never been more crucial. In this issue of USC Dornsife Magazine, we look at energy through the diverse lenses of our scholars’ research — from finding nature-inspired solutions to meet our future energy needs to weighing the pros and cons of nuclear power. We report how ancient technology is shaping advances in cooling technology, we explore natural and esoteric energy, and we delve into the unique demands of our own “body electric.”

According to a study from Georgetown University’s Center on Education and the Workforce, degrees from the most selective liberal arts colleges yield a long-term return on investment that’s comparable to degrees from comprehensive, top-tier research universities.

🎯 Why it matters: Graduates with liberal arts degrees are in demand by a growing number of companies, particularly in the technology sector, where their unique blend of skills is highly valued.

💬 AI and leadership: The value of a liberal arts education extends into the realm of artificial intelligence and beyond. In AI, graduates with a background in humanities and social sciences are essential for developing technologies that are ethically sound and culturally sensitive.

🧠 The broad perspective and critical thinking skills honed through a liberal arts education are key to leadership roles across industries. Graduates are equipped to navigate complex challenges, lead diverse teams, and drive innovation.

📈 High earnings potential: Liberal arts disciplines, such as economics, physics, and psychology, rank particularly high in earnings potential. These fields combine the depth of specialized knowledge with the broad skill set characteristic of a liberal arts education, making their graduates highly sought after in the job market.

💰 “The CEOs of Goldman historically majored in political science, English, history, or economics,” says Matt Weir, managing director at Goldman Sachs and a USC Dornsife economics alumnus.

💼 Case study: Video game companies like Sucker Punch Productions, known for its character-driven action games like the hugely popular “Ghost of Tsushima,” value employees with backgrounds in history, creative writing, and art to create rich, immersive game worlds.

🎮 Co-founder Brian Fleming, a physics major, says about three-quarters of his employees have a background in the liberal arts.

🧠 The appeal of liberal arts graduates extends beyond the tech and gaming sectors. Their ability to think critically, solve complex problems, and communicate effectively is sought after in fields ranging from finance to creative industries.

Do you need friendly support accessing the great outdoors?
Lestarya Molloy founded @fridieoutdoors, which demystifies camping for folks who haven’t had access to learn how to:

🏕 Set-up a tent
🪓 Build a campfire
🚰 Find clean water
🚿 Bathe on the trail

Molloy graduated from Dornsife’s Master of Science in Applied Psychology at USC (MAPP), and she credits her time in our online program for providing the foundation to build her company.

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No one could anticipate the impact of “Blackfish” when it premiered ten years ago, uncovering the plight of orcas living in captivity. It sparked outrage that led to more legal protections for marine mammals in the U.S.

Today, filmmaker and USC Dornsife alumna @gabriela.cowperthwaite reflects on the journey and shares how her approach to documentary filmmaking can help rectify injustices.

Learn to Camp Outdoors with USC Alumna’s App

Learn to Camp Outdoors with USC Alumna’s App

An app created by a USC Dornsife alumna gives beginners tips and tricks to camp outdoors. Fridie Outdoors is a know-how resource that teaches campers the basics: how to set-up a tent, how to build a campfire, how to get clean water, how to bathe when camping and more.