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Spring/Summer 2024

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Earth sciences isn’t just for Earth

Extending their expertise into the solar system, Earth scientists aid in the exploration of our planetary neighbors, including the search for signs of extraterrestrial life.

In Pixar’s Inside Out 2 we meet new, more complex feelings. @uscdornsife researchers just published research confirming that mixed emotions like nostalgia are really real (we don’t just flip-flop between positive and negative feelings) — demonstrating unique, measurable brain activity! 🧠

“What takes nature years, our reactors achieve in mere minutes.”

We all know carbon dioxide is a major driver of climate change. The ocean naturally absorbs CO2 using limestone, but the process takes thousands of years. With the global shipping industry contributing 3% of global CO2 emissions, USC Dornsife’s William Berelson and partners at @caltechedu, and Calcarea created a way to exponentially accelerate the carbon capture process.

This innovation offers a sustainable path forward. ⛴️ 

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Ocean-inspired tech could speed up carbon capture from ships

Not many people know that studying history at USC Dornsife inspired him to enlist in the Navy, and it was on operational deployment as a Navy Seal that Randy Hetrick came up with the idea for @trxtraining bands.

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Alumni Voices Randy Hetrick Founder & CEO, TRX Training
The Science of Mixed Emotions: Are They Real?

The Science of Mixed Emotions: Are They Real?

USC Dornsife neuroscientists are examining the science behind mixed emotions. For more than 100 years, there has been debate about whether mixed emotions trigger unique brain activity or if the response is a flip-flopping between positive and negative emotions. Using MRI technology and a short film, Dornsife scholars have discovered that mixed emotions are not an illusion.

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