The Dana and David Dornsife Cognitive Neuroimaging Center (DNI) is a research center on the University Park Campus which exists to facilitate the brain imaging needs of USC scientists seeking to understand the relation between neural and mental phenomena in humans. The Center is dedicated to pursuing structural and functional studies of the human brain using state-of-the-art techniques, contributing to the development of future brain imaging modalities, and disseminating knowledge about brain, mind, and imaging to students and the public.

The Center is housed in the Dornsife Neuroscience Pavilion, side by side with the Brain and Creativity Institute, and includes equipment for MRI, EEG, and physiological measurements of human behavior and cognition.

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The Center is open to researchers from USC and other institutions who want to pursue inquiries into brain structure and function in human subjects of any age. As a research center, we are not available to perform clinical scans, however, research protocols involving stable patients are allowed.


The Center houses a 3T Prisma MRI Scanner with equipment for visual and auditory stimulus delivery and response collection, as well as a mock scanner. The Center also contains an EEG laboratory, a Biopac physiological measurement system, and an eye tracker.


To access the internal scheduling system, apply to use the equipment, access training and equipment support, please access the DNI User Portal. (The portal is only available if you are on the USC network).

The DNI User Portal

If you are a user of the DNI, you can access the user portal to handle scheduling of equipment, management of your projects, billing, and support.

DNI Administration

The DNI administrative team encompasses a Director and a co-Director, and a Technical Advisor to the Director, supported by a Proposal Review Committee, a Technical Committee, and a Management Committee. The Director, the co-Director and all committee members are USC faculty and staff who contribute part of their effort to the Center. The staff also includes a full-time physicist (the Technical Advisor to the Director), a full-time receptionist/secretary, and a part-time administrative assistant.

Hanna Damasio, Director

Jonas Kaplan, Co-Director

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