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CAFE aims to promote a unified and rigorous interdisciplinary approach to research in finance that cuts across mathematical finance, econometrics and international macroeconomics. It encourages frontier and applied research and facilitates discussion and dissemination of research by organizing seminars and workshops. Read more.

Economic Letter

Authors Alexander Chudik, Kamiar Mohaddes, M. Hashem Pesaran, and Mehdi Raissi discuss how data from the last four decades indicates that high public debt burdens slow growth in the long term. Read more.

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Housing, Urban Development, and the Macroeconomy

The USC Dornsife INET Conference Committee would like to welcome all of our presenters. To view the list of invited and contributing speakers, please click HERE.

Working Paper Feature

Ambrogio Cesa-Bianchi, M. Hashem Pesaran, and Alessandro Rebucci discuss a multi-country approach for analyzing the interaction between uncertainty and economic activity in their new paper entitled, "Uncertainty and Economic Activity: A Multi-Country Perspective". Read more here.

Working Paper Feature

Co-authors Shui Ki Wan, Yimeng Xie, and Cheng Hsiao, "explore the pros and cons of the panel data approach (PDA) and the synthetic control method (SCM)" in their new work entitled, "Panel Data Approach vs. Synthetic Control Method". Read more here.

Working Paper Feature

Professors Hashem Pesaran and Ron Smith's new paper, "presents a Bayesian analysis of the multicollinearity problem for linear regression models with highly collinear regressors" in their work entitled "Posterior Means and Precisions of the Coefficients in Linear Models with Highly Collinear Regressors". Learn about it here.

Working Paper Feature

Chong Shu's new work entitled, "Endogenous Systemic Risks in Financial Networks" examines banks' internal risk taking behavior in a financial network. Find out about it here.

Seminars and Conferences

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