The rise of artificial intelligence, new forms of democracy, and a vastly changing media landscape — this is a moment when new technologies and new ideas are radically changing how human society operates. Who and what counts as “human” is even up for discussion. Given that, it’s a very exciting time to be an anthropologist.

At the USC Dornsife Department of Anthropology, you’ll study human beings across time and culture. From the first formation of family groups in prehistoric times to the immigrant-led food scene of L.A., you’ll explore humankind in all its complexity. No matter where your interests lead you, hands-on research and fieldwork allow you to uncover real solutions to real problems in the world.

The USC Dornsife anthropology faculty bring research interests as diverse as their shared human subject. You’ll learn alongside experts in sociopolitical formations, science and technology, social medicine, folklore, experimental ethnography, and ethnographic filmmaking in the form of visual anthropology. Their work helps us look at issues from new points of view, while highlighting the collective ingenuity and interdependence of our human experience.

By challenging us to hold a mirror up to humankind — one the reflects across so many dimensions — anthropologists do more than surface new knowledge. They help us build and strive toward mutual understanding in a rapidly changing world.

Department of Anthropology

Director of Undergraduate Studies

Emily Zeamer

Director of Graduate Studies

Andrea Ballestero