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The USC Center for Languages and Cultures’s main mission is to promote language learning at USC.

Winners of the 2nd Annual Multilingual Film Festival

Winners of the 2nd Annual Multilingual Film Festival

Edith Adams (Spanish) Receives the AL Award

Edith (Edie) Adams (Spanish) receives the 2024 CLC AL Award for Excellence in Teaching. Congratulations!


CLC offers a number of opportunities for students wishing to study languages at USC.


CLC provides support for faculty teaching languages and cultures at USC through grants, professional development opportunities and by fostering a community of practice.

Graduate Students

Graduate students teaching languages at USC (ALs) are supported through training, professional development opportunities, an award and many other resources.

Language Scholarships

USC offers a number of funding opportunities for those who study languages and cultures

Sean Silvia ’23

Learning foreign languages at USC has allowed me to access a vast world of non-English texts that were instrumental to my historical research. For me, nothing compares to the experience of reading a text in the original language. It’s a very human feeling. You feel such a wonderful connection to a person who comes from a completely different perspective than you. You get a much better and richer understanding of the source as well. I will continue to study languages after I graduate, and USC has instilled in me both a strong passion and a valuable skillset for learning foreign languages.

Language Programs in the News

Read articles about our language programs published in the USC newspaper Daily Trojan

The contest let students showcase their adventures overseas with photography.

A student initiative aims to increase the amount of languages offered at USC.

A fixture of the USC Languages department on campus since last November,  the Trojan Bloommultilingual literary journal aims to provide a creative outlet to writers in non-English languages taught at USC — and expand the journal to cover more languages spoken in the wider campus community.

Tania Apshankar ’23

My love for languages bloomed when I took my first Spanish class as a freshman at USC. Ever since, I have had the opportunity to grow in my Spanish abilities at an advanced level, and also begin learning Persian. Studying, and engaging in the language learning community inspired me to help start Trojan Bloom, USC’s first multilingual journal to give students on campus a platform to share their creative works in foreign languages. As a graduating senior, seeing the community grow everyday inspires me so much to continue studying languages!


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