Foreign Language Assistant Lecturer Training 2024

All new Assistant Lecturers (Als) will be participating in the intensive Foreign Language Assistant Lecturer Training (FLALT) program prior to the beginning of the fall semester.  Its purpose is to give ALs a basic grounding in language teaching theory and techniques, and to orient them to our specific philosophy and approach.

ALs are required to be physically present on campus to complete administrative tasks so they can get into USC systems such as Brightspace, S&S and Workday (to get paid for the training and receive their salary in a timely manner).

Training Schedule

All meetings are in THH 121

8/14 Wednesday
9:00-10:00 Administrative tasks
10:00-12:30 “The Communicative Approach”

8/15 Thursday
9:00- 11:00 “Teaching Receptive Skills”
11:00 I-9 forms at the Dornsife Welcome Center

8/16 Friday
9:00-10:30 10-minute mini lesson on receptive skills taught by ALs
10:45- 12:45 “Teaching Productive Skills”

8/19 Monday
9:00-10:30 Mini lessons on productive skills taught by ALs
10:45 – 12:45 “Teaching Grammar Inductively”

8/20 Tuesday
9:00-12:00 30-minute lessons taught by ALs

If you have any questions about the training, please contact Professor Julia C. Chamberlin at