Language Proficiency

Language proficiency refers to one’s ability to use language for real-world purposes to accomplish real-world linguistic tasks across a wide range of topics and settings. There are different ways and scales that define and measure proficiency. In the United States, the most common ones are ACTFL Proificiency scale and the government ILR (Interagency Language Roundtable) scale.

More and more employers (including government agencies, schools, businesses and NGOs) are requiring their employees to take a proficiency test, such as an Oral Proficiency Test or its computer version OPIc. Having an OPI or OPIc certifciate documenting your language proficiency may greatly increase your chance of getting hired.

You can schedule a proficiency test in your language for a fee at Language Testing International. If you need help with it, please, contact the Center director Evgeny Dengub at