Faculty Professional Development

CLC is the go-to destination for language faculty and graduate students seeking professional development. Our comprehensive programs, from graduate student assistant lecturers’ orientation to faculty workshops and roundtables, keep our colleagues up-to-date with the latest research and language teaching innovations. Find a wealth of resources, including video recordings, tips, and strategies, on our website to help you succeed.

Join this Semester Professional Development Series

This fall, CLC will host a series of Project-based and Task-based learning talks and workshops to discuss integrating these methods into language curriculums and the challenges and steps of their implementation.

View the Past Talks and Discussions

You can access recordings of past talks and discussions from previous semesters in the professional development series.

Apply for the Professional Development Certificate

Every faculty and graduate student assistant lecturer can now receive a Center for Language and Cultures certificate of completion of the professional development program at the end of each semester. To do that, you will need to attend live or watch the recordings of 4 out of 5 events in the series. At the end of the semester, you will receive a link to a google form where you will be asked to mark the events you attended and provide a brief reflection on each talk/discussion.