No matter what the reason — you want to sing along with your favorite K-pop bands; you would like to watch Korean movies or numerous TV shows without subtitles; you want to talk with your Korean friends or family; you would like to travel or work in Korea; you are a huge fan of Korean BBQ ; or you would just like to learn a new language — Korean classes at USC Dornsife can help you achieve your goal. Located near the center of the biggest Korean community outside of Korea, the Korean language program at USC Dornsife aims to construct a strong foundation for students who intend to pursue academic research or careers involving Korean language and culture by emphasizing communication and content-based learning. Learning materials not only include the language itself, but also literature, history, popular culture and mass media. Students can develop linguistic and cultural competence in a four-year Korean language program in a small group learning environment by developing their own interests into projects using the language. In addition, the study-abroad program can enhance opportunities for students to use the language in an immersed environment and to enrich their cultural understanding of Korea.

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