CLC Certificate

This certificate attests to students’ linguistic competency in at least two foreign languages.

It promotes the study of languages beyond the foreign language requirement (FLAN III) in two key ways: 1) through more advanced coursework in one language that may then count toward the major or the minor and 2) through the study of additional languages.


– Students meet foreign language requirement (FLAN III) in two or more foreign languages.

– At least two courses counting toward the certificate must be taken at USC and receive a letter grade of B or better.

Students are required to take at least two of the courses counting toward the Certificate at USC and must achieve a letter grade of B or higher in these courses.
The qualifying coursework for the certificate must be conducted in the target language(s), which cannot be English. Students may get a certificate in several languages, provided they meet the FLAN III level (220 level course and above) in all languages for which the certificate is granted.
Note that the FLAN III requirement for one of the languages can be fulfilled through the USC Placement Test.

The Certificate will list the languages. For example: “Certificate of Proficiency in Chinese and Persian” and, if a student meets FLAN III in three languages, all three will appear on the Certificate: “Certificate of Proficiency in Japanese, Russian and Spanish”.

A digital badge and an digital certificate will be emailed to students by the Center for Languages and Cultures and students are encouraged to add this information to their resumes and social media accounts (LinkedIn, Facebook etc.)

Please, note that at this point we are not able to award certificates in English as a foreign/second language!

CLC certificate