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The USC Dornsife Department of Economics is a dynamic environment for research, teaching, and studying. Academic excellence is informed by taking economic research beyond traditional boundaries, often collaborating with other disciplines. Our research ranks among the Top 20 (#12) U.S. academic institutions, and we are deeply committed to bringing creativity and critical thinking to some of the most pressing current challenges in society.

Our distinguished faculty members tackle exciting economic questions:

Theory group

Analyzes how markets can be designed to improve equitable and efficient outcomes for all, including children and adolescents, and the strategic aspects of game theory in public policy and business.

Applied Economics group

Studies the consequences of climate change on globalization, migration, financial risks, and urban dynamics; the impact of labor market policies; and the underpinnings of productivity, growth, and state capacity in developing countries.

Macroeconomics group

Studies the link between macro-financial cycles, financial crises, and inequality to better understand the long-run risks of widening income and wealth gaps.

Econometrics group

Ranked 5th worldwide, is creating new methods for analyzing the explosions of Big Data with special emphasis on causal relationships rather than just improving forecasts.

Undergraduate Studies

The undergraduate program in economics teaches students to think critically and become creative problems solvers. Students learn to utilize economic theory to better understand and shape social practices, political policy, financial marketplaces, and business models.

Master’s Studies

This robust 1-2 year program offers students the unique opportunity to master core knowledge of economic theory while advancing their applied knowledge in the following specialization tracks: Economic Policy and Development, Big Data Economics, Economic Consulting, Behavioral Economics and Financial Economics.

Doctoral Studies

This program is designed to prepare students for careers in teaching, research, industry, and government. The Department emphasizes economic theory and econometrics, applied economic analysis, including microeconomics, macroeconomics, international and development economics, behavioral economics, urban, and regional economics.

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Industry Insight: Careers in Data Science
Women In Economics Fall Forum 2023
Achieving Scale Collectively

Industry Insight: Careers in Data Science

Women In Economics Fall Forum 2023

Achieving Scale Collectively

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Feb 05
4:00 pm – 5:15 pm KAP 319 Organizer: Afshin Nikzad (afshinni@usc.edu) The seminar talks are hosted each Monday from 4:00 PM through 5:15 PM, Pacific Time in KAP 319. A sign-up sheet to meet with the speaker will be communicated a week in advance.

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Graduate Department of Economics

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