Director: Hashem Pesaran 

CAFE aims to promote a unified and rigorous interdisciplinary approach to research in finance that cuts across mathematical finance, econometrics and international macroeconomics.

Director: Arie Kapteyn

Our research explores the impact of social services and public policy, shifting population trends and their implications, and how human behavior — our attitudes, actions, and ability to make decisions — affects our well-being now and as we age.

Director: Juan D. Carrillo

The Institute for Economic Policy Research (IEPR) was established to promote high quality economic research with implications to policy issues. IEPR’s main goal is to support, enhance and promote research activities of the faculty of the department of Economics at USC.

Directors: Isabelle Brocas and Juan D. Carrillo

The Los Angeles Behavioral Economics Laboratory (LABEL) is a research center dedicated to experimental research on economic decision-making and strategic interactions with a special emphasis on the collection of non-choice data and age-related changes in decision-making.

Directors: Isabelle Brocas and Juan D. Carrillo

Theoretical Research in Neuroeconomic Decision-making (TREND) is the first institute dedicated to the study of Neuroeconomic Theory. This interdisciplinary line of investigation combines research from subfields in neuroscience and economics.