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High Quality Economic Research

The Institute for Economic Policy Research (IEPR) was established to promote high quality economic research with implications to policy issues. IEPR’s main goal is to support, enhance and promote research activities of the faculty of the department of Economics at USC.

The Institute organizes conferences, lectures, public seminars, sponsors workshops, promotes collaborative interdisciplinary scholarship, intended to contribute to a broad understanding of economic policy. The institute also supports research in several areas in various ways. In the recent years, IEPR has sponsored activities around high impact themes including Macroeconomic Policy, Mechanism Design and Behavioral Economics.

Dr. Juan D. Carrillo


The IEPR promotes high quality economic research with implications to policy issues. The institute  supports research in various ways.

Conferences and Seminars

IEPR sponsors conferences and seminars and facilitates short term visits of keynote speakers and confernece participants. A full list of our current ans past events can be found on our Activities page

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Collaborative Activities

IEPR sponsors collaborative activities (such as workshops) across campus and across unversities from the Los Angeles areas in topics relevant to the mission of the Institute.

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IEPR provides seed money and information to faculty who wish to identify funding opportunities and submit proposals. Recent successful grants that benefitted from the support of IEPR are:

  • CEPR/IGC (V. Bassi and M. Morlacco)
  • NSF SES 1851915 (I. Brocas and J. Carrillo)
  • NSF SES 1425062 (I. Brocas and J. Carrillo)
  • NIA AG046917-01A1 (I. Brocas)

Community Outreach

IEPR supports the effort of faculty of the Economics department involved in providing educational programs to the public and in disseminating their research to the community.

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Professor Juan Carrillo



Department of Economics – KAP 116 G
University of Southern California
3620 S. Vermont Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90089-0253

Note: IEPR does not offer internships. Interested students are requested to contact faculty from the Department of Economics directly