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Cheering on the Trojans at a big game, diving into novel research, exploring L.A.’s culinary scene, or simply basking in the Southern California sun … there’s always something new and exciting for students to do beyond the classroom.

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Diving In and Finding Community

Isabella Pangilinan
Environmental Studies, ’24

When environmental studies major Isabella Pangilinan ‘24 found community in working with first-generation transfer students like herself, she also found certainty that USC Dornsife is the place where she can thrive.

Why did you choose USC Dornsife?

Through the USC Dornsife Environmental Studies program, I have the space to pursue my academic interests in the complex inner workings of environmental policy and law. Moreover, with access to the USC Dornsife Office of Pre-Law Advisement, I can explore resources that can aid me in the law school admissions process.

In all, I am forever inspired by how education can transform lives, and majoring in environmental studies has only reaffirmed my dedication to making a difference for our planet.

As a student, USC Dornsife will make me a more assertive leader who can grab her chair and make space to be a part of a student body that partakes in rich conversation.

What’s your experience been like as a first-generation student?

As a first-generation transfer student, I was anxious and scared about coming to a big, prestigious, out-of-state institution like USC. However, the Trojan community and family are real — I never felt like I didn’t belong. Everyone is truly willing to help you in any way. Some support that I’ve found beneficial is the first-generation space at TCC 224 and being a part of the USC Dornsife Transfer Ambassador (DTAP) program. Through DTAP, I can help other current and prospective Dornsife transfer students so they aren’t intimidated by being a transfer student.

What’s been your top USC Dornsife experience so far?

So far, my top experience has definitely been engaging with current and prospective transfer Dornsife students as a Dornsife Transfer Ambassador. It has been so rewarding being part of a community where I can take on a leadership role and share my advice and experiences with other students. It embodies what it means to be a part of a caring and collaborative Trojan Family.

Another great Dornsife academic experience of mine has been receiving a SOAR award to fund my room and board for the Maymester I’m going to take on Catalina Island! I’m excited to live on the island and learn about aquatic microbiology at the Wrigley Institute for a month!

What Problem Do You Want to Solve?

Fighting for Healthcare Justice

I want to solve limited access to health care. I think everyone deserves the right to get the help they need to live a physically and mentally healthy life.

Nicole Nishimori BS ’26, Neuroscience and BA Psychology
Portrait of Student Nicole N. wearing a red hoodie with library in the background

Advancing Black Well-Being

My aim is to uncover the policies, structures, and institutions that enable Black well-being. The United States has the material resources to ensure all people within its borders live a dignified and joy-filled life. However, the political will and imagination to accomplish this aim are lacking. My research addresses human flourishing and its contradictions to encourage us to make a world where all Black people live well.

Demetrius Miles Murphy PhD Candidate, Department of Sociology
portrait of Demetrius Miles Murphy in a suit

Harnessing the Power of Machine Learning

I want to intersect my love of machine learning, artificial intelligence, and team management through product creation.

Victor Liu BA ‘23, Economics
portrait of student Victor L.

Creating a More Connected World

Through my work at USC Dornsife, I want to highlight diverse stories that are oftentimes on the wayside. As a person who has many intersecting identities, I want to use my South Korean studies to show how movements that I care about, like women and queer rights, are progressing in other contexts so I can have a holistic view. I believe that cultural studies help create a more connected and understanding world.

Asha Rieussec MA Candidate, East Asian Area Studies
Portrait of Asha Rieussec
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