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Your Dornsife Degree

An Education You Design

    Core Skills with Unique Spin

    At USC Dornsife, you’ll get a classic liberal arts education — rich in core skills like analytical reasoning, communicating, and connecting ideas — together with a personalized spin that can only come from your unique blend of interests.

    Majors & Minors

    With nearly 200 majors and minors offered, the possibilities to design your own education are only limited by your imagination. Each major and minor has specific academic requirements — but also plenty of room for flexibility!

    General Education

    Whether you know exactly what you want to study or are still exploring options, general education (GE) is your chance to explore the incredible breadth of knowledge available at USC.

    GE requirements involve eight key areas: Arts, Life Sciences, Physical Sciences, Quantitative Reasoning, Humanistic Inquiry, Social Analysis, Equity in a Diverse World and Traditions, and Historical Foundations. By taking courses in all of them, you’ll develop an academic foundation that will prove incredibly useful in drawing connections and generating new ideas. Many non-GE classes can count towards these competencies.

    Experiential Learning

    A Dornsife degree means you have spent plenty of time getting your hands dirty. Whether you’ve dug through Roman ruins, engaged in political discussions with Capitol Hill staffers, or deciphered the genome of a new deep sea microbe, your education has been as real as it gets.

    Special Programs

    If you’re interested in attending law or medical school, Dornsife offers special programs that will help you craft your education so you’re most prepared to take the next step. If you’re looking for a smaller educational community with a rigorous academic focus, the Thematic Option or Freshman Science Honors program might be right for you.

    Your First-Year Experience

    You don’t have to everything figured out when you first get here — in fact, at USC Dornsife, you’re encouraged to sample and explore broadly.

    Through the First-Year Experience (FYE) program, you’ll have the support you need to be the independent, self-assured college student.

    Dedicated FYE advisors will answer any questions you have and help you make decisions about classes. Special seminars will give you opportunities to explore an interest while getting accustomed to college-level academics. Workshops and special events will give you opportunities to make new friends, meet potential mentors, and find your footing.


    From the moment you step on campus to years after you graduate, academic advisors are here to help you get the absolute most of your USC Dornsife degree program.

    Starting with First Year Advising Program, you’ll be guided in the process of picking the classes and learning experiences that line up with your goals. After that, specialized advisors connect you with resources, keep you on track, and help you navigate any obstacles that come up along the way. Advisors also help you connect with extensive Trojan Family alumni network to help you launch your professional life.

    student using pipette while wearing gloves and mask in lab
    student using pipette while wearing gloves and mask in lab
    student using pipette while wearing gloves and mask in lab
    student using pipette while wearing gloves and mask in lab
    student using pipette while wearing gloves and mask in lab
    student using pipette while wearing gloves and mask in lab
    student using pipette while wearing gloves and mask in lab

    I combined Neuroscience and Psychology because I get to study the brain from multiple perspectives. My goal is to become a doctor, so combining these two majors with the pre-health track has been really helpful for me in terms of preparing for the MCAT and learning more about the field.

    Nicole Nishimori ’26
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    The Dornsife Toolkit

    From personal finances to work/life balance to entrepreneurship, some of the most valuable life skills aren’t built into a traditional college education. That’s why we created The Dornsife Toolkit — a signature collection of courses that build practical skills that will help you flourish throughout your life.

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