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Master’s & Professional Studies

The USC Dornsife Edge

    Programs with Purpose

    USC Dornsife designs master’s and professional programs with purpose. Programs are offered only when they meet the right criteria:

    • They must train students to succeed in the most relevant and emerging fields, where new leaders are in high demand.
    • They must integrate theoretical knowledge with practical instruction and experiences, so graduates can make meaningful contributions to their employers from the moment they arrive.
    • They must harness USC’s academic strengths, including faculty who are among the most celebrated experts and practitioners anywhere — experts who are actively engaged in shaping the future of their fields.

    Because we carefully design our programs to meet these standards, graduates are well-prepared with cutting-edge knowledge and distinct experience that set you apart from the competition.

    A Vibrant Environment

    You’ll have ample opportunities to study and collaborate in a vibrant and diverse intellectual environment. Along with ambitious peers, you’ll engage with the most cutting-edge research and innovative techniques in your chosen field. And if you’re studying on campus, you’ll have Los Angeles — the most dynamic and diverse city in the world — right in front of you for inspiration.

    Immersive Education

    We don’t make a distinction between theory and practice, so you won’t sit passively taking notes. You’ll be immersed in learning and applying what you’ve learned to professional work out in the world. This makes transitioning to the job you want practically seamless.

    Learn With the Best

    Not only are USC faculty among the most celebrated and accomplished in their fields, but your fellow students will also be top-notch. Getting a graduate or professional degree challenges you to go deeper into a subject than you might have ever gone before. But you won’t be alone. As a master’s student you’ll be part of a group of hungry, motivated learners who know what they want to accomplish — students just like you.

    The Trojan Network

    Trojans have each other’s backs. Don’t underestimate the next-level networking built into every one of our programs.

    Need a letter of recommendation? Looking for an inside connection to a job you want? Want valuable career advice from someone who knows the ropes? The unrivaled Trojan network — which extends all around the world — will be a valuable resource for life.

    collage with cardinal gradient overlay of students studying featuring a close up of a hand writing
    collage with cardinal gradient overlay of students studying featuring a close up of a hand writing
    collage with cardinal gradient overlay of students studying featuring a close up of a hand writing
    collage with cardinal gradient overlay of students studying featuring a close up of a hand writing
    collage with cardinal gradient overlay of students studying featuring a close up of a hand writing
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    Los Angeles:
    The Place to Be

    Ready to take your next big leap? You need to be here: a top-tier university in the heart of an ultramodern city that influences the entire world.

    Multiple Career Pathways

    The research, data analysis, and creative problem-solving skills that I developed from the Applied Economics program at USC has unlocked multiple career pathways. I currently work on data strategy and research at Skanska, a leading international development and construction firm. My education at USC enables me to take on a critical role driving our business analytics and building data analysis reports for our business’s key stakeholders.

    Christopher Cashdan ’19, Masters in Economics
    Portrait of Christopher C. in blue shirt on beige background

    Becoming a Leader in a Rapidly Changing World

    The master’s in Applied Psychology is carefully designed to equip students to be leaders in a rapidly changing world. Our program teaches both hard and soft skills, led by practitioner faculty, which include professional development workshops, global learning experiences like our Dublin Internship program and Dubai Spring Break, and several networking events every year. Students leave the program with a unique skill set that can only come from a deep knowledge of psychology

    Jorge Abram Barraza, Assistant Professor of Psychology
    Portrait of Barazza, blue suit with blue background

    So Many Reasons To Go For It!

    In today’s crowded job market, you often need more than a bachelor’s — you need specialized expertise and the education to prove it.

    Stand Out from the Competition

    A master’s degree or professional certificate gives you that competitive edge. When experience matters, your resume rises to the top of the stack.

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    Increase Your Earning Power

    The earnings difference between a bachelor’s and master’s level averages around 20 percent. What could you do with that much more income?

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    Master Knowledge, Upgrade Your Skills

    Whether you’re switching careers or advancing your current one, you’ll gain the specific tools and knowledge to become more than just competent — you’ll become a go-to specialist, who knows not just where the leading edge of the field is now but how to get ahead of where it’s going.

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    Increase Your Professional Credibility

    A master’s degree or professional certification signals that you’re serious and ambitious — you prove you have what it takes to navigate complexity and handle the most challenging work. You demonstrate that nothing can stop you from achieving at the highest level.

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    Get the Career You Actually Want

    There is no better way to get to the job you want faster than with a graduate-level degree. Particularly in fields that are evolving at warp speed, employers look to hire people who are “smarter” than they are — the experience to be that candidate is built into a USC Dornsife graduate degree program.

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