Studying Economics Majors and Minors

    Studying Economics

    Majors and Minors

The undergraduate program in economics teaches students to think critically and become creative problems solvers.  USC Economics is the largest major in Dornsife College.  Students pursue careers in business, finance and the public sector. 

The learning objectives for economics majors include:

  • Developing critical thinking skills and the ability to write persuasively and communicate ideas clearly
  • An understanding of fundamental concepts of microeconomics and macroeconomics theory
  • Basic knowledge in statistical methods for analyzing economic data, specifically the application of probability theory, random variables and probability distributions, sampling, estimation, statistical inference.
  • Ability to use econometric methods to estimate economic relationships using regression analysis, test hypotheses involving economic behavior, and forecast economic variables.
  • Utilize economic theory to better understand and shape social practices, political policy, financial marketplaces, and business models.

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