Gain synergistic expertise in spatial economics, data analysis, and spatial sciences in this innovative interdisciplinary program for a competitive advantage in the spatial Big Data marketplace.

Work with globally recognized faculty from the Spatial Sciences Institute in the USC Dornsife College of Letters, Arts and Sciences and the Department of Economics to identify business opportunities and address public policy challenges using location-based Big Data with insights from geographic information science (GIS), urban economics, and spatial econometrics.

In this rigorous quantitative curriculum, develop approaches for assembling and mining large-scale geo-coded data to uncover emerging spatial trends and to produce actionable results. Professionals with spatial economics and data analysis capabilities can offer new understandings in emerging business opportunities, environmental trends, urban crime, congestion trends, real estate valuation, technology diffusion, and countless other commercial and social applications around the world.

    Career Opportunities

    As spatial Big Data grows in availability and in significance, so, too are the market opportunities growing for professionals who can convert real-time spatial and economic analysis into recommendations in the areas of their choice. The global geospatial industry is expected to grow at a 13.6% compound annual growth rate between 2017-2020 to reach US $440 billion in 2020. Through internships, guest speakers, industry meet-ups, and other career development opportunities, build a professional network in industries and startups.

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    Ken Watson
    Academic Programs Director of the Spatial Sciences Institute
    (213) 740-8298