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State-of-the-art instruments and facilities maintained and supervised by technical personnel as departmental resources. Most of our instrumentation is co-sponsored by the USC Core Instrumentation Fund, and comprises the Chemistry Instrumentation Facility and the USC Center of Excellence for Molecular Characterization. These labs are broadly accessible to all USC users and guests. Instrumentation booking is currently managed through NMRNet. Booking of resources will migrate to the FBS for booking, usage tracking and payment.

Instrumentation and Resources

    Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR)

    The Department of Chemistry operates five NMRs with four instruments available for Core usage.

    Email Dr. Shawn Wagner ( for information and assistance.

    X-Ray Crystallography

    The X-ray diffraction facility is in the Ahmanson Center (ACB 100) and is equipped with both single crystal and powder diffraction instruments.

    Electron Paramagnetic Resonance (EPR)

    The Department operates an EPR Spectroscopy Lab (TRF 119) that is accessible to USC users and guests.

    Email Prof. Peter Qin ( for information and assistance.

    Mass and Elemental Composition

    The Department has instrumentation for mass spectrometry and elemental composition.

    Polymer Properties

    NIST funded lab polymer core equipment for detailed analysis of polymer properties.

    Email Prof. Megan Fieser (Email for information and assistance.

    Physical Property Measurement System

    Email Prof. Brent Melot ( for information and assistance.

    Accessories to provide a range of measurement capabilities:
    Vibrating-sample magnetometry (VSM)
    Specific heat
    Electrical transport
    Hall effect
    Variable temperature ionic transport

    Equipment Maintenance and Repair

    The Department maintains its own glass workshop and electronics repair.

    Facilities and Resources Information for Grant Submissions

    Applying for a grant?

    Shawn Wagner, PhD

    Director Chemistry Instrumentation Resources
    Laird J. Stabler Memorial Hall
    LJS 160
    840 Downey Way
    Los Angeles, CA 90089
    (213) 764-1515

    Prof. Travis J. Williams

    Faculty Director of Chemistry Instrumentation
    Loker Hydrocarbon Research Institute
    LHI 104
    837 Bloom Walk
    Los Angeles, CA 90089
    (213) 740-5961