The Classics Department offers several awards annually to support research and travel for projects related to the study of classical antiquity and its reception. Deadlines for application in each year are in March of the Spring semester.

Students are highly encouraged to speak with a faculty member in Classics about ideas for the award. We are happy to assist in identifying productive opportunities for use of the fellowships and to help in developing high quality proposals at any stage in the process.

Further details, including specific information on how to apply, may be obtained by clicking the links below. Other questions and concerns may be directed to Prof. Lucas Herchenroeder, Director of Undergraduate Studies in Classics (

  • Two fellowships of up to $5000 each awarded for academic study in Greece; possible uses include study at an accredited university-level program in Greece; volunteering on an archaeological excavation; travel in Greece for independent research.

    Eligibility: all Classics majors and minors; any student who has taken a course in Classics (CLAS), Greek (GK), or Latin (LAT) during the current academic year

    2023 Deadline has passed.

  • Multiple awards to assist with costs for travel and research for a project of study about the classical world.

    Eligibility: all Classics majors and minors; any student who has completed at least three (3) semesters of university-level Latin or Greek

    2023 Deadline has passed.

  • Award to assist with costs for summer research related to Classics in the US or internationally.

    Eligibility: all Classics majors at any point in their studies

    To apply, please visit the USC Dornsife Continuing Student Scholarships webpage; click here.

    2023 Deadline has passed.

Past Awardees

Avery Redfearn

Congratulations to Avery Redfearn (Narrative Studies and Sociology, ’25), recipient of the 2022 Kallins Hellenic Studies Summer Fellowship! With the award, Avery travelled to Athens, Crete, and Rhodes (among other spectacular locales) with a program administered by College Year in Athens. Here she is on the isle of Halki!

Wendy Wang

Congratulations to Wendy Wang (Classics ’25), recipient of the 2022 Douglas Nelson award! The fellowship allowed Wendy to commences her studies of Greek with the Greek Institute of The City University of New York over the summer.

Rachel Oswald

Congratulations to Rachel Oswald (Classics and English (minor), ’22), recipient of the 2020 Douglas Nelson award! The fellowship allowed Rachel to begin study of Greek with an online course offered by the University of Colorado at Boulder this summer.

Luis Rodriguez-Perez

Congratulations to classics minor Luis Rodriguez-Perez (History and Archaeology, ’21), recipient of the 2020 Douglas Nelson award! Luis spent the summer learning a new language — none other than Latin — with the University of California’s Intensive Latin Learning Workshop.

Gabrielle Kimche-Gilstrap

Congratulations to Gabrielle Kimche-Gilstrap (History, Law, and Culture, ’22), recipient of the 2019 Kallins Hellenic Studies Summer Fellowship! Gabi studied archaic Greek art with visits to sites around the Aegean world with the course “The Dawn of Greek Art: from Homer to the Persian Wars ca. 750 – 480 B.C.E.,” a College Year in Athens summer program.

Luis Rodriguez-Perez

Congratulations to Luis Rodriguez-Perez (History and Archaeology, ’20), recipient of the 2019 Kallins Hellenic Studies Summer Fellowship! Luis spent the summer making his way around Greece as a student with the course “Jews And Early Christians In The Graeco-Roman World,” taught by Socrates Koursoumis of the Hellenic Education & Research Center; later, he joined an archaeological field school in Vergina, Macedonia administered by ArchaeoSpain.

Aileen Kim

Congratulations to classics minor Aileen Kim (Business Administration and Global Studies, ’21) who was a recipient of the 2018 Kallins Hellenic Studies Summer Fellowship! Aileen’s independent project, “Representations of Classical Greek Monuments: An exploration of the visual culture,” took her from archival research to on-site study in Greece to explore the history of photography of classical sites since the 19th century.

The project can be viewed on Scalar here.

Zoe Petrakis

Zoe Petrakis (Classics and International Relations, ’19) gets in focus while on location for research in the Lasithi plateau region of Crete. In the summer of 2017, Zoie spent time on Crete collecting testimonials and taking photographs for a project of oral history documenting the long-term social and economic change affecting the region. Zoie was recipient of the 2017 Bhutani Family Summer Research and Travel Fund, in the inaugural year of the program.

Max Novak

Max Novak (Classics and Art History, ’17) takes in an impressive vista at the Temple of Poseidon in Sounion in Greece. Max was a recipient of the 2017 Kallins Hellenic Studies Summer Fellowship, in its inaugural year. The fellowship permitted Max to take part in an archaeological excavation at the Temple of Poseidon in Onchestos, near ancient Thebes, where he unearthed the remains of a bronze votive sword, among other things. He also carried out research on Roman copies of classical Greek statuary at the National Archaeological Museum in Athens.