The geometry and topology group at USC has wide-ranging interests, with special focuses on symplectic geometry, low-dimensional topology, complex geometry, and homological mirror symmetry. Our research has close connections with algebraic geometry, representation theory, categorification, and dynamical systems, and is motivated in part by string theory and mathematical physics.

Tenured and tenure-track faculty

  • Julian Chaidez (dynamical systems, symplectic geometry, low-dimensional topology)
  • Sheel Ganatra (symplectic geometry, homological mirror symmetry)
  • Aaron Lauda (categorification, representation theory, low-dimensional topology, quantum computation)
  • Kyler Siegel (symplectic and complex geometry)
  • Harold Williams (representation theory, algebraic geometry, symplectic geometry)

Retired faculty

  • Francis Bonahon (hyperbolic geometry, quantum invariants, higher Teichmüller theory)

Non-tenure-track faculty

  • Joseph Helfer (symplectic geometry, algebraic geometry, homotopy theory, categorical logic)
  • Christopher Kuo (microlocal sheaf theory, noncommutative geometry, D-modules, symplectic geometry)
  • Wenyuan Li (symplectic geometry, contact geometry, microlocal sheaf theory)

Faculty from other groups with interests in geometry and topology

  • Aravind Asok (algebraic geometry, algebraic K-theory, homotopy theory)
  • Eric Friedlander (algebraic geometry, algebraic K-theory, representation theory)
  • Fedor Malikov (mathematical physics, representation theory)
  • Cris Negron (tensor categories, quantum groups, representation theory, mathematical physics)

Graduate students

  • Jishnu Bose (Williams)
  • Boxi Hao (Ganatra)
  • Sung Hyun Kim (Lauda)
  • Siyang Liu (Ganatra)
  • Tianle Liu (Williams)
  • Jonathan Michala (Siegel)
  • Sanat Mulay (Ganatra)
  • David O’Connor (Ganatra)
  • Tina Peng (Williams)
  • Elif Uskuplu (Lauda)
  • Yasin Uskuplu (Ganatra)
  • Zejing Wang (Lauda)
  • Haosen Wu (Ganatra)
  • Jian Zhou (Ganatra)

Recent graduate students, with placement

    • Alexander Sahakian, PhD 2023 (Ganatra), Lecturer, USC
    • Debtanu Sen PhD 2023 (Ganatra), Quant Analyst, Trailstone Renewables GmBH
    • Mark Ebert PhD 2023 (Lauda), Postdoc, UCLA
    • Jihoon Sohn, PhD 2022 (Bonahon), Model Validation Senior Analyst, Citibank
    • Dan Douglas, PhD 2020 (Bonahon), Gibbs Assistant Professor, Yale University
    • Dong Zhang, PhD 2020 (Bonahon), Quantitative Analyst, Western Asset Management
    • Nicolle Sandoval Gonzalez, PhD 2019 (Lauda), Presidential Postdoctoral Fellow, UCLA
    • Ilknur Elgimez, PhD 2018 (Lauda), Data Scientist, Amazon
    • Giuseppe Martone, PhD 2018 (Bonahon), Postdoctoral Assistant Professor, University of Michigan
    • Can Oguz, PhD 2018 (Lauda), Postdoctoral Researcher, Galatasaray University, Istanbul, Turkey
    • Bin Tian, PhD 2018 (Honda), Research Scientist, Pactera
    • Bahar Acu, PhD 2017 (Honda), Boas Assistant Professor, Northwestern University
    • Laffite Lamberto-Egan, PhD 2017 (Lauda) Harvard Westlake Academy
    • Michael Abrams, PhD 2016 (Lauda), Integral Investment Advisors, INC – Executive Vice President
    • Andrew Williams, Ph.D. 2015 (Honda), Flintridge Academy
    • Yin Tian, Ph.D. 2014 (Honda), Simons Center for Geometry and Physics
    • Russell Avdek, PhD 2013 (Honda), Data Scientist, Zoosk Inc
    • Yang Huang, Ph.D. 2012 (Honda), member, Max Planck Institute, Germany
    • Guillaume Dreyer, Ph.D. 2012 (Bonahon), Visiting Assistant Professor, University of Notre Dame
    • Supap Kirtsaeng, Ph.D. 2010 (Honda), Assistant Professor, Kasetsart University, Thailand
    • Julien Roger, PhD 2010 (Bonahon), Hill Assistant University, Rutgers University