The computational mathematics/control theory group conducts research in mathematical control in the intelligent manufacture of semiconductor devices, modeling, simulation and control of corrosion in concrete waste-water systems, ionosphere determination using global positioning system measurements, estimating blood alcohol concentration from biosensor measurements of transdermal alcohol level, and electromagnetics/Nano-Electronics


Tenured and tenure-track faculty:


Graduate students:

  • Haoxing Liu (Rosen)


Recent PhD graduates:

  • Philip Seliger Ph.D. 2008 (Wang) Engineering and Design Optimization
  • Alexander Lytvak Ph.D. 2008 (Rosen), Parameter Estimation for the Black-Scholes Model in Mathematical Finance
  • Yuliya Piterbarg Ph.D. 2009 (Rosen and Schumitzky), Population Modeling and Bayesian Estimation for the Deconviolution of Blood Alcohol Concentration from Transdermal Alcohol Biosensor Data
  • Yan Yang Ph.D. 2008 (Wang) Covariance Modeling and Estimation for Distributed Parameter Systems and their Approximations
  • Minzhao Tan Ph.D. 2011 (Wang) Mathematical Properties of Ensemble Kalman Filter
  • Chubatiuk, Alona Ph.D. 2013 (Schumitzky) Nonparametric Estimation of an Unknown Probability Distribution Using Maximum Likelihood and Bayesian Approaches
  • Narae Lee Ph.D. 2018 (Rosen)
  • Melike Sirlanci Ph.D. 2018 (Rosen)
  • Moses Wintner Ph.D. 2018 (Rosen)
  • Shuang Li Ph.D. 2019 (Rosen,Wang)
  • Mark Duggan Ph.D. 2020 (Rosen)
  • Lernik Asserian Ph.D. 2021 (Rosen)
  • Keenan Hawekotte Ph.D. 2021 (Rosen)
  • Mengsha Yao Ph.D. 2021 (Rosen)
  • Yu Lu Ph.D. 2021 (Wang)
  • Zheng Dai Ph.D. 2021 (Rosen)
  • Harrison Algra Ph.D. 2021 (Wang)
  • Clemens Oszkinat Ph.D. 2022 (Rosen)


Recent Postdoctoral associates:

  • Weiwei Hu (control theory, partial differential equations), currently Associate Professor, University of Georgia
  • Rogjie Lai (control theory, numerical analysis), currently Assistant Professor, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
  • Welper, Gerrit (reduced order modeling, uncertainty quantification, high-dimensional approximation, convective problems) currently Assistant Professor, University of Central Florida


Emeritus faculty: