USC Combinatorics Seminar

Organizers: Sami Assaf, Josh Swanson

Combinatorics at USC is predominantly algebraic, with many faculty making connections to other fields of mathematics including probability, representation theory, algebraic geometry, finite group theory and topology. Our research page provides a listing of our combinatorially inclined faculty who are likely to attend the seminar.


The USC Combinatorics Seminar meets on the fourth floor of Kaprielian Hall.

Garage parking is often available in the Downey Way Parking Structure, directly across the street from the Mathematics Department. Metered street parking (4 hour limit) is available on Vermont Ave along the western edge of campus.

Also of interest: Southern California Discrete Mathematics Symposia

These annual one-day meetings are help in the spring and hosted at universities and colleges in Southern California. Keep posted for the upcoming meeting in 2020.

“Combinatorics is an honest subject. You count balls in a box, and you either have the right number or you haven’t.” –Gian-Carlo Rota