Combinatorics at USC is predominantly algebraic, with many faculty making connections to other fields of mathematics including probability, representation theory, algebraic geometry, finite group theory, and topology. We hold a weekly Combinatorics Seminar in addition to a selection of combinatorics graduate courses.


Tenured and Tenure-Track Faculty

  • Arratia, Richard (Probability, combinatorics, number theory)
  • Assaf, Sami (Algebraic combinatorics, representation theory, algebraic geometry, probability)
  • Fulman, Jason (Algebraic combinatorics and probability)
  • Goldstein, Larry (Statistics, probability)
  • Guralnick, Robert (Finite and algebraic groups, representation theory, curves, Galois theory, and linear algebra)
  • Lauda, Aaron (Categorification, representation theory, and low-dimensional topology)
  • Panova, Greta (Algebraic combinatorics, computational complexity, statistical mechanics and probability)
  • Williams, Harold (representation theory, algebraic geometry, symplectic geometry)


Post-Docs and Visitors


Current Graduate Students

  • Armon, Sam (advisor Assaf)
  • Barch, Brian (co-advised by Lauda and Zanardi [Physics])
  • Kim, Sung (advisor Lauda)
  • Lulianelli, Filippo (advisor Lauda)
  • Roman, Vlad (advisor Guralnick)
  • Sokolov, Pavel (co-advised by Panova and Zhang [CS])
  • Zhao, Chenchen (advisor Panova)


Recent Graduate Students


  • Bowling, Grant (Ph.D. 2023 advised by Assaf), Characters of Flagged Schur Modules and Compatible Slides
  • Ebert, Mark (Ph.D. 2023 advised by Lauda), The Structure and Higher Representation
    Theory of Odd Categorified sl2
  • Ehrhard, Henry (Ph.D. 2023 advised by Assaf), Colors, Kohnert’s Rule, and Flagged Kostka Coefficients
  • Paguyo, J.E. (Ph.D. 2023 advised by Fulman), Limit theorems for three random discrete structures using Stein’s method
  • Wang, Shiyun (Ph.D. 2023 advised by Panova), Applications of Symmetric and Quasisymmetric functions


  • Kagey, Peter (Ph.D. 2022 advised by Assaf), Permutations, Statistics, and Switches


  • Quijada, Danjoseph (Ph.D. 2021 advised by Assaf), A Pieri rule for key polynomials
  • Rahmani, John (Ph.D. 2021 advised by Fulman), Mixing Times for the Commuting Chain


  • McKemmie, Eilidh (Ph.D. 2020 advised by Guralnick), Invariable generation of finite groups of Lie type
  • Ozdemir, Alperen (Ph.D. 2020 advised by Fulman), On limiting distribution and convergence rates of random processes defined over discrete structures


  • Gonzalez, Nicolle Sandoval (Ph.D. 2019 advised by Assaf and Lauda), Categorical operators and crystal structures on the ring of symmetric functions
  • Wiroonsri, Nathakhun (Ph.D. 2019 advised by Goldstein), Stein’s Method via Approximate Zero Biasing and Positive Association with Applications to the Combinatorial Central Limit Theorem and Statistical Physics


  • Bhattacharjee, Chinmoy (Ph.D. advised by Goldstein), Stein’s method and its applications in strong embeddings and Dickman approximations
  • Donner, Matthew (Ph.D. advised by Guralnick), Regular unipotents in finite maximal subgroups of classical groups
  • Egilmez, Ilknur (Ph.D. advised by Lauda), DG structures on categorified quantum groups
  • Kim, Gene (Ph.D. advised by Fulman), Distribution of descents in matchings
  • Oguz, Can (Ph.D. advised by Lauda), The Trace and Center of the Twisted Heisenberg Category
  • Oguz, Ezgi Kantarci (Ph.D. advised by Assaf), Advances in the Combinatorics of Shifted Tableaux
  • Ozel, Enes (Ph.D. advised by Fulman), Cycle structures of permutations with restricted positions