USC Office of Academic Integrity (OAI)


We encourage all faculty to be clear with students about their expectations for academic integrity, and what constitutes a violation of that integrity.  For example, faculty might include a section in their syllabus that gives examples of common violations and their sanctions:


Appendix A: USC Academic Dishonesty Sanction Guidelines
Example syllabus with common sanctions listed


As of 2022/23 there are two reporting options for faculty.


The FSR form acts as a fully-resolved “written warning” to a student when the infraction is relatively minor and the circumstances are not disputed.  The instructor and student should complete the form together and agree on a penalty for the infraction that could range from no penalty to an F on the assignment to an F in the course.   The instructor submits the form to OAI for record-keeping purposes.


It’s intended that a student be allowed just one of these FSR reports during their time at USC.  If the student does not agree to sign that form, or if OAI sees that they have multiple such infractions, or if the instructor feels the infraction is more serious, there are also instructions for a Formal Report.


Contact or directly at the OAI for more information.