Welcome to the Math Center!  If you want help with your math classes this is the place to come!

The Math Center will be operating in a hybrid mode this semester.   You may come in person to the physical location in KAP 263 or you may access the virtual Math Center zoom room at the link below.


Meeting ID: 941 2902 0381

The virtual Math Center will be closed Tuesday May 7th 2024 from 12:00 pm to 2:30 pm.

Only those with a USC Shibboleth account will be granted access to the zoom room.  When you enter, the Math Center Assistant on duty will assign you to a breakout room with a Teaching Assistant, or you may hang out in the main room, or you may ask to be put in a breakout room with students of the same class.

The Math Center is run informally and is designed for easy drop-in usage.  It works best to use the Center as a study room.  It’s a good place to meet up with your study partners and work on homework.  If and as you need help, ask one of the Teaching Assistants or a Math Center Assistant.  It’s as easy as that!

The Teaching Assistants are there to help you with your math assignments.  Click on consulting hours to find out who is available when.  Notice that the Teaching Assistants are listed according to which mathematics class they are assisting, and classes that cover similar material are grouped together.  As a first choice, try to get help from a Teaching Assistant who is assisting a class that is grouped with your class.  But failing that, another TA may be able to help you.

PLEASE NOTE:  The Math Center opens the second week of classes each semester though there is no schedule that week indicating when the TAs are there.  The schedules showing when the TAs are in the Math Center starts the third week of classes (click on Consulting Hours to see the schedule).  The Math Center is closed for all university holidays.

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