The ARTIST website is designed to help teachers assess statistical literacy, statistical reasoning and statistical thinking in first courses of statistics.

The CHANCE website has materials that are useful for teaching a quantitative literacy course. These include reviews of articles in the news that involve probability and statistics, videos of talks and lectures, and various activities, simulations and data sets.

The DASL website (Data Story and Library) is an online library of stories that illustrate various statistical concepts and the data sets that go with them.

FedStats provides access to the full range of statistical information produced by the Federal Government without having to know in advance which agency produced which data.

Robin Lock’s list of links to online texts, java demonstrations, electronic journals, data etc.

Journal of Statistics Education website has various resources including data sets.

Introduction to Probability by Charles Grinstead and Laurie Snell is an introductory probability text that is available online. It emphasises the use of computing to simulate experiments and make computations.

Also check out Others and General for other resources including virtual math communities, on-line question and answer services for students and teachers and collections of applets to illustrate various concepts.