During the Regular Semester

The schedules below show when the graduate students are available in the Math Center to help students with their math classes. Notice that the graduate students are listed according to which mathematics class they are assisting, and classes that cover similar material are grouped together. As a first choice, try to get help from a graduate student that is assisting a class that is grouped with your class. It is fine to download and print out the schedules, but please be aware that they can change a little from time to time as the semester progresses.

If you are in the Math Center, the Math Center assistant on duty can help you identify the graduate students and get the help you are seeking.

If you are taking an upper level class and cannot find your own TA, the following link shows graduate students who have been the TA for our upper level classes in the past. They could be good people to get help from.

Past TAs (up to Fall 2023)

During Study Days and Finals Week

During study days and finals the Math Center is open and there will be graduate assistants available to help, but the regular schedules change. Some graduate students give regular consulting hours and others give more formal review sessions. Consulting hours are generally held in the Math Center, review sessions are generally held in some other room. The schedules below show when the graduate assistants in the department will be available.

Final Study Days and Final Weeks