Q: I’m in the Math Center and I need help with my math homework. How can I find a graduate student to help me?
A: Look at the schedule to see which graduate students are on duty. The schedule is posted on the corkboard in the Math Center. To help identify the graduate students, look for their pictures on the wall. You can also ask the Math Center assistant to help you find a graduate student.


Q: I’m having trouble with the mathematics or statistics that I’m coming across in another class given by another department. Can I get help in the Math Center?
A: We like to be good citizens, so we’ll help you if we can and if we’re not busy with another student. However, our first priority is to help students with their math classes. The department that is offering your class should provide resources for you to get help with classes that they offer.


Q:  Is there a photocopy machine or printer near by?
A:  Sorry, no.  You’ll need to go to a library for a photocopy machine or printer.


Q:  What’s the username and password to log on to the computers ?
A:  Your username and password is the same as your USC username and password. If that doesn’t work, the computer probably says that Network Connection is not Available. If this is the case, tell the Math Center Assistant and try another computer.


Q: Are there instructions somewhere about how to use Mathematica/Matlab/Minitab?
A: Try the Mathematica, Matlab, or Minitab page as appropriate.   You can also ask the Math Center assistant for help using the software.


Q:  I haven’t finished my computer assignment.  How can I save it so that I don’t have to redo everything?
A:  Save your work to the Desktop from inside the application.   If you don’t see how to do this, then ask the Math Center assistant.  Then copy it to a flash drive or email it to yourself.  When you are done, please remember to delete your file(s) from the Desktop.


Q: I saved my computer assignment and emailed it to myself, but I can’t seem to open it on my laptop.  What’s wrong?
A: You’ll only be able to open the file on a computer on which the appropriate software is installed.  For instance, if you were working in Minitab, you’ll only be able to open your *.mtp file if you have Minitab installed on your computer.  If you do have Minitab installed but still can’t open the file, trying opening the file from inside the application.


Q:  I need to work on my computer assignment over the weekend when the Math Center is closed.  Is Mathematica/Matlab/Minitab available anywhere else on campus?
A: Mathematica, Matlab, and Minitab are all available on the computers in the ITS labs.  There are ITS labs at the following locations:

  • King Olympic Hall (KOH)
  • Leavey Information Commons (LVL)
  • Henry Salvatori Computer Science Center (SAL)
  • Waite Philips Hall of Education (WPH)

Go to the ITS website for information about opening hours etc.