Tenure Track

Associate Professor of Sociology & American Studies and Ethnicity

Email: vallejoj@usc.edu

Research Areas: immigrant integration; race/ethnicity; minoritized middle classes; minoritized entrepreneurs; wealth attainment

Associate Professor of Sociology & Gender Studies
Sociology Department Chair

Email: biblarz@usc.edu

Research Areas: family sociology; stratification and social mobility; gender and sexuality; demography; statistics

Assistant Professor of Sociology

Email: breweral@usc.edu

Research Areas: medical sociology; work, organizations, and occupations; economic sociology; social inequalities; race, gender, and class; qualitative methods

Professor of Sociology

Email: lcasper@usc.edu

Research Areas: family sociology; family demography; work, family and health; gender, work, and family; family change and variation; social demography; quantitative methods

Assistant Professor of Sociology

Email: deisydel@usc.edu

Professor of Sociology

Email: eliasoph@usc.edu

Research Areas: political sociology and communication; cultural sociology; ethnography; sociolinguistics; social theory; emotions; organizations; nonprofits/NGOs

Assistant Professor of Sociology

Email: brittany.friedman@usc.edu

Research Areas: punishment and social control; institutional predation; race and ethnicity; inequality; access to justice; qualitative methodology; comparative-historical

Turpanjian Postdoctoral Fellow
Provost Postdoctoral Scholar for Faculty Diversity (starting Fall 2024)
Assistant Professor (starting Fall 2026)

Email: lgose@usc.edu

Florence Everline Professor of Sociology and Professor of Sociology

Email: hook@usc.edu

Research Areas: family demography; gender; inequality; work-family; social policy; comparative sociology

Professor of Sociology

Email: ekaplan@usc.edu

Research Areas: race and ethnic relations; social inequality; youth; gender; qualitative methodology; visual sociology; education

Professor of Sociology & Anthropology

Email: lakoff@usc.edu

Professor of Sociology & Religion

Email: lichterm@usc.edu

Research Areas: culture (public culture, civic and political culture, organizational culture); religion; political sociology; civic engagement; theory; qualitative methodology; ethnographic methods

Professor of Sociology, Public Policy & Spatial Sciences

Email: annowens@usc.edu

Research Areas: urban sociology; sociology of education; social stratification; social policy; quantitative analysis; spatial analysis

Distinguished Professor of Sociology & American Studies and Ethnicity
Turpanjian Chair in Civil Society and Social Change

Email: mpastor@college.usc.edu

Research Areas: urban poverty and regional economies; Latinos in the urban U.S.; environmental justice; labor markets and low-wage workers; social movements and social justice

Professor of Sociology & American Studies and Ethnicity

Email: lsaito@usc.edu

Research Areas: race and ethnic relations; urban politics; community studies; gentrification; Asian American studies; qualitative research methods

Assistant Professor of Sociology

Email: dschrage@usc.edu

Research Areas: racial inequality; labor-market inequality; organizations; economic sociology; statistical and computational methods

Professor of Sociology & Spatial Sciences

Email: smithgre@usc.edu

Research Areas: demography; health; mortality; family; inequality

Provost Postdoctoral Scholar for Faculty Diversity
Assistant Professor (starting Fall 2024)

Email: urbinaju@usc.edu

Research Areas: family demography; gender; education; quantitative methods; Latin America

Professor of Sociology, Civil and Environmental Engineering, Computer Science, Architecture & Preventive Medicine

Email: jpwilson@usc.edu

Research Areas: GIS; spatial analysis; environmental modeling; mapping

Assistant Professor of Sociology

Email: hyazdiha@usc.edu

Research Areas: social movements; race and ethnicity; immigration; culture, law and society; political sociology; collective memory; imagined futures


Assistant Professor (Teaching) of Sociology

Email: lainer-vos@usc.edu

Research Areas: nationalism (Jewish and Irish); diaspora politics; economic sociology; sociological theory; historical comparative methods; science and technology studies; charisma; conscientious objection

Associate Professor (Teaching) of Sociology

Email: mcgene@usc.edu

Professor (Teaching) of Sociology

Email: sternhei@usc.edu

Research Areas: moral panics; social problems; popular culture

Associate Professor (Teaching) of Sociology

Email: rwerth@usc.edu

Research Areas: punishment and the carceral continuum; parole and post-prison experiences; technologies and algorithms; law and legality; ethnography; how individuals navigate punishment


Professor (Research) of Sociology

Email: brian.finch@usc.edu

Research Areas: social demography; population health and health disparities; quantitative methods


Harold Quinton Chair of Business Policy
Professor of Management and Organization, Sociology, & Environmental Studies

Email: padler@usc.edu

Areas of Expertise: business of sustainability; collaboration; democracy; environmental sustainability; labor economics; macroeconomics; platforms; R&D; socialism; sustainability; value-rational organization

Professor of Public Policy & Sociology

Email: cbeckman@usc.edu

Areas of Expertise: social innovation and inequality; organizational learning and interorganizational networks; entrepreneurship and social entrepreneurship; technology and work; organizational control

Associate Professor of Sociology, Journalism & American Studies and Ethnicity

Email: carringb@usc.edu

Research Areas: civic engagement; social justice; culture and media

Areas of Expertise: gender and sexuality; race and ethnicity; sports

University Professor
Wallis Annenberg Chair in Communication Technology and Society
Professor of Communication, Sociology, Planning, & International Relations

Email: castells@usc.edu

Research Areas: civic engagement; social justice organizations; networks and group persuasion; politics science; technology and innovation

Areas of Expertise: education; global; politics; social media; technology and innovation

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Jill and Frank Fertitta Chair in Business Administration
Professor of Management and Organization & Sociology
Associate Vice Dean for Research

Email: fiss@marshall.usc.edu

Research Areas: organization theory; framing and categorization; social inequality; set-analytic methods, such as fuzzy set qualitative comparative analysis (fsQCA)

Professor of Public Policy and Sociology

Email: dowell@usc.edu

Research Areas: immigration; ethnic change/demographic diversity and trends; growth management; housing & urban development; real estate market analysis; local census data analysis

Distinguished Professor of Education

Email: pnoguera@usc.edu

Areas of Expertise: sociology; race; equity; urban education


Dornsife Fellow in General Education

Email: eshimada@usc.edu


Professor Emerita of Sociology

Email: sotelo@usc.edu

Professor Emeritus of Sociology


Professor Emeritus of Sociology

Email: jonmill@usc.edu