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External Awards

Raquel Delerme, 2024. Gender Division Student Paper Award, The Society for the Study of Social Problems.


Internal Awards

Margaret Davis, 2024. USC Center on Science, Technology, and Public Life, STS Summer Research Stipend.

Yael Findler, 2024. University Outstanding Teaching Assistant Award.

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    External Fellowships and Grants

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    External Awards

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    External Fellowships and Grants

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    Carolina Otero, 2021. Ford Foundation Predoctoral Fellowship Program (Honorable Mention).

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    External Awards

    Blanca Ramirez, 2021. Distinguished Graduate Student Paper Award, ASA section on Race, Gender, and Class.


    Internal Awards

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    External Fellowships and Grants

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    External Awards

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    Internal Awards

    Carolyn Choi, 2020. USC PhD Achievement Award.

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    External Fellowships and Grants

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    External Awards

    Robert Chlala, 2019. American Association of Geographers – Sexuality & Space Graduate Paper Prize, 2nd.

    April Hovav, 2019. ASA Altruism, Morality, and Social Solidarity Section Best Graduate Student Paper Award.

    Oded Marom, 2019. Center for Communal Studies Graduate Paper Award.


    Internal Awards

    Jennifer Candipan, 2019. USC PhD Achievement Award.

    LaToya Council, 2019. Louise Kerckhoff Prize Best Gender Studies Paper.

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    External Fellowships and Grants

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    Carolyn Choi, 2018. ASA Asia and Asian America Section Graduate Student Paper Award.

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    External Fellowships and Grants

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    External Fellowships and Grants

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    External Awards

    May Lin, 2015. Ford Foundation Predoctoral Fellowship (Honorable Mention).