Kyunghwan LeeKyunghwan Lee

PhD Date: Spring 2024 (Expected)

Dissertation Title: Making the Economy through the National Income

Areas of Research/Teaching: Economic Sociology; Comparative Historical Sociology; Sociological Theory; Science Knowledge and Technology; Political Sociology

Dissertation Committee: Andrew Lakoff (Chair), Rhacel Salazar Parreñas, Kyung Moon Hwang


Kyunghwan Lee CV

Yael FindlerYael Findler

PhD Date: July 2024 (Expected)

Dissertation Title: Organizational Speech Projects in A Discursive Field of Suffering: The Case of Israeli Non-Profits

Areas of Research/Teaching: Cultural Sociology; Collective Action; Ethnography; Qualitative Research Methods; Social Movements; Therapeutic Culture/Discourse; Organizations; Sociological Theory; Introduction to Sociology; Jewish-Israeli Society; Political Sociology; Trauma; Gender

Dissertation Committee: Nina Eliasoph (Chair), Paul Lichterman, Michael Messner, Gelya Frank


Yael Findler CV

Shang Liu

PhD Date: July 2024 (Expected)

Dissertation Title: Imagining the State to Get Things Done: NGOs Dancing with an Authoritarian State in Interactions

Areas of Research/Teaching: Political Sociology; Sociology of Culture; Organizations; Social Theory; Social Movements; Qualitative Research Methods; Ethnography; Civic Engagement and Volunteering; Non-governmental Organizations; Chinese State and Society; International Migration; Sociology of Globalization

Dissertation Committee: Nina Eliasoph (Chair), Paul Lichterman, Bin Xu, Lori Yue


Oded Marom

PhD Date: July 2024 (Expected)

Dissertation Title: Political Polarization, Community Organizing, and Modes of Civic Engagement: How Local Context Facilitates Political Extremism Among American Libertarians

Areas of Research/Teaching: Sociology of Culture; Political Sociology; Sociological Theory; Ethnography; Qualitative Research Methods; Group Processes; Radical Politics; Civic Organization; Sociology of Science and Technology; Introduction to Sociology

Dissertation Committee: Nina Eliasoph (Chair), Iddo Tavory, Hajar Yazdiha, Ann Crigler