USC Equivalent Abroad Course Major/Minor Approved For USC Units Notes
Math 226                     Math 203 All
Math 410                     Math 342 All 4.5 *
No Equivalent MATH 304: Partial Differential Equations Math 400+ elective for Math/AMCM
Math 435 MATH 306: Geometry of Curves and Surfaces All
No Equivalent MATH 374: Mathematical Physics Math 400+ elective for Math/AMCM
No Equivalent  COSC 341: Theory of Computing AMCM, MATH Quantitative Content Elective
No Equivalent COSC 343: Artificial Intelligence AMCM, MATH Quantitative Content Elective 4.5
No Equivalent STAT 370: Statistical Inference Math 400+ elective for Math/AMCM

*  Only eligible for students whose program does not require Math 410

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