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USC Dornsife Magazine, Spring/Summer 2013


Cover Story:  In a stratospheric leap for neuroscience, researchers at the Brain and Creativity Institute (BCI) are limited only by their imaginations.

By Pamela J. Johnson   Full Story

More Features:

Crood Awakening

In The Croods, the new, box-office hit from DreamWorks Animation, Kirk DeMicco ’91 has created an endearingly dysfunctional prehistoric family who must learn to evolve … or die. by Susan Bell

Hire Purpose

Finding USC Dornsife a destination for entrepreneurial thinking, these newest faculty members are heading in exciting and novel directions. by Pamela J. Johnson

The Dark of Harkness

Writing fiction gives Deborah Harkness license to explore where her inner historian would not dare to tread. by Michelle Salzman

Positive Change

In a university-wide effort, USC Dornsife undergraduates teach civic engagement and entrepreneurship to elementary schoolchildren — who learn that every penny counts. by Laura Paisley

In My Opinion:

Big City Ways

Peter La Chapelle ’02 takes a cue from Woody Guthrie and finds his own way to persevere.

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