From the species that brought you the moon landing and the hot dog eating contest, artificial intelligence is here to change the world.

L.A., world capital of science fiction, leaves behind the dystopian fates so often predicted for it to forge a more user-friendly, sustainable and equitable tomorrow.

From environment to family, transportation to health care, from work and leisure to what we’ll eat and how we’ll age, USC Dornsife faculty share their vision of the future.

How USC Dornsife beat the odds to transform online learning into a vibrant virtual experience with almost unlimited educational potential.

USC’s alumni, faculty, students and staff have displayed courage, resilience and Trojan spirit over the past 140 years.

Tony Atti ’00 has transformed a discarded 200-year-old invention into cutting-edge technology that promises to revolutionize the future of cool in our warming world.

A revamped curriculum, a reimagined first-year experience, the Dornsife Toolkit. USC Dornsife is forging a new educational model that prepares students to be leaders.

The chief design officer of Los Angeles and former architecture critic for the Los Angeles Times joined USC Dornsife in January, bringing his pioneering 3rd LA project to USC.

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