A beloved Los Angeles landmark, the Nayarit fed the senses, not only with its acclaimed Mexican cuisine but also by providing a haven where the marginalized could feel seen and find belonging.

Sight allows us to explore our world, to orient ourselves within it and to find joy in its myriad manifestations of beauty and wonder.

Whether it takes the form of a rock concert, a greeting or the buzz of cicadas, sound holds the power to energize us, to cheer us, to soothe us and — above all — to connect us.

From sautéed grasshoppers to fusion food, USC Dornsife scholars use taste as a passport to explore diverse cultures, histories and identities.

From aiding romance to communicating with God, scent has long been attributed near mystical abilities.

From cradle to grave, touch brings us comfort, pleasure and sometimes pain, reminding us of our countless connections to the world and to humanity — including our own.

If we think of our senses as limited to only five, we might be missing out.

For some people the senses pair up and produce inspired results.

Tania Apshankar, a senior majoring in creative writing, wins the inaugural USC Dornsife Magazine Creative Writing Contest.


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