The science is clear: Microbes living within us hold great sway over our well-being. But how much do they control our internal climate, and can we manipulate the microbiome to adjust the thermostat?

It’s our beliefs, even those that are unmoored from objective reality, that determine what to us is true and false. And that’s why it’s so difficult to change your mind, much less someone else’s.

Scholarly leaders from USC Dornsife’s Center for the Political Future discuss the forces driving Americans apart and explore how those same forces could bring them together.

Alumnus Steve Fabijanski’s invention tackles two major contributors to greenhouse gases: airline travel and meat production.

USC Dornsife researchers are creating innovative new products and businesses to mend the planet and create a strong economy

Wildland blazes like last year’s Woolsey fire and Camp fire are the result of global warming, which in turn is a product of society’s inability to address inequity.

Steven Lamy, professor of international relations and spatial sciences, is known across campus for his inspirational classes and his ability to remember hundreds of his students’ names.

S. Julio Friedmann ’95 describes the steps needed to create a successful future in terms of climate and energy.

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