The COVID-19 pandemic upended lives around the world. Where do we go from here?

History has taught us that in times of crisis, our desire for easy solutions makes us vulnerable to charlatans — but beware, their seductive quick fixes will not lead us to a lasting and genuine revival.

With Americans having saved an extra $1.7 trillion during the pandemic, the economy is about to get a jolt of consumer spending. But big questions remain about how the spending spree will alter our economy.

Cat Moore ’05 long suffered crippling loneliness until she cracked the secret of creating relationships. As USC’s director of belonging, she now helps students do the same.

As the climate crisis escalates, USC Dornsife experts are studying ways to quickly enact positive change and find a path to greener days.

Inspired by California’s vibrant food scene while at USC, alumna Shriya Naheta formed Zama Organics which delivers fresh, organic produce to thousands of customers across India.

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