Relying on fossil fuels to power our industrialized world has had devastating consequences. To release us from this Faustian bargain, USC Dornsife scientists are using nature as their guide.

Discover the intricate dance of energy conversion that drives human performance and well-being.

A USC Dornsife physicist explains how the Earth’s future is tied to the star it orbits.

From architectural designs of long ago to solid-state electronics to economic incentives, USC Dornsife scholars reveal possible solutions to climate change.

Proponents argue that nuclear power is a solution for a cleaner future. Critics consider it to be dangerous, unsustainable and a distraction from speeding up the switch to renewables. Who is right?

Individual attitudes toward renewable energy and climate change are based on myriad psychological factors. So, what motivates us to make positive changes?

Emma Ashley, a senior majoring in creative writing and French, wins the 2023 USC Dornsife Magazine Creative Writing Contest with her poem “Wet Season.”


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