About this page: This table was intended to provide a quick translation from S. pombe to S. cerevisiae homologues prior to the genome publication and curation. It is no longer maintained but is left here because it may be helpful in some circumstances. For details and most up to date information, we suggest you go to genedb. There is also a group particularly interested in orthologues to which you can subscribe here: http://publists.sanger.ac.uk/mailman/listinfo/yeast_orthologous_group

Fission yeast genes are listed alphabetically under just one name, but their aliases are listed alongside. If you can’t find the gene you want in its alphabetical position, use the search feature of your browser to see if it is listed under a synonym. One yeast may have a pair of genes where the other has just one. These cases are indicated by the word “and”; otherwise multiple gene names are aliases. In a few cases, the same gene designation may have been used for different genes which we have noted.

Recall that just because there is a cerevisiae homologue of a pombe gene doesn’t mean they work the same way, and that genes without primary sequence homology can be functional homologues.

S. pombe gene and aliases S. cerevisiae sequence homologue(s) Fission yeast gene product or protein function Metazoan homologue? (definitely incomplete!)
abp1+ no homologue CENP-B homologue; see cbh1+ and cbh2+ Y
abt2+ TUB3 alpha tubulin (a2); not essential Y
ade6+ ADE2 phosphoribosylaminoimidazole carboxylase
alp2+ SPC97 gamma-tubulin interactor
alp4+ SPC98 gamma-tubulin interactor
alp6+ GCP3 gamma-tubulin interactor
slp16+ GCP6 gamma-tubulin interactor
apc10+ APC10 APC subunit Y
ark1+ IPL1 Aurora kinase Y
atb2+ alp2+ ban5+ tub1+ TUB3 alpha-2 tubulin; see also nda2+
btf3+ EGD1 and BTT1 binds nascent RNAs
byr1+ ste1+ STE7 MAPKKK, pheromone signalling Y
byr2+ STE11 MAPKK, pheromone signalling Y
byr4+ BYR4? With Cdc16p, a two-component GEF for the GTPase spg1 (involved in cytokinesis)
cbh1+ no homologue CENP-B homologue; see cbh2+ and apb1+ Y
cbh2+ no homologue CENP-B homologue; see cbh1+ and abp1+ Y
cdc1+ HYS2/HUS2/POL31/SDP5 DNA pol delta subunit
cdc2+ CDC28 CDK Y
cdc3+ PFY1 profilin Y
cdc4+ KAP122/PDR6 myosin light chain Y
cdc5+ CEF1 MYB-type splicing factor Y
cdc6+ pol3+ pold+ POL3 /CDC2 DNA polymerase delta Y
cdc7+ CDC15 septation kinase
cdc8+ TPM1 and TPM2 tropomyosin Y
cdc10+ SWI6 G1 phase transcription factor
cdc11+ NUD1 required for cytokinesis
cdc12+ BNI1 required for actin ring assembly
cdc13+ CLB1, CLB2, CLB3, and CLB4 B type cyclin, M phase. Essential. Y
cdc14+ no homologue required for septation
cdc15+ HOF1/YMR032wp required for septation
cdc16+ BUB2 checkpoint/cytokinesis protein. With Byr4, part of the GEF for spg1
cdc17+ CDC9 DNA ligase Y
cdc18+ CDC6 S phase initiator / MCM loader Y
cdc20+ pol2+ pole+ POL2 pol epsiolon Y
cdc22+ RNR1 lg subunit ribonucleotide reductase Y
cdc23+ MCM10/DNA43 S phase factor
cdc24+ no homologue required for completion of S phase, possibly in Okazaki fragment maturation
cdc25+ MIH1 CDK tyrosine phosphatase Y
cdc27+ POL32 DNA pol delta subunit
cdc28+ prp8+ no homologue helicase
cdc45+ sna41+ goa1+ CDC45 replication initiation factor Y
cdm1+ no homologue?? DNA pol delta subunit
cds1+ RAD53 checkpoint kinase; not essential in pombe Y
cdt1+ TAH11/SID2 required for replication initiation Y
cek1+ RIM15 kinase
cgs1+ BCY1 regulatory subunit of PKA
cgs2+ pde1+ PDE1 and PDE2 cAMP phosphodiesterase
chk1+ rad27+ CHK1 checkpoint kinase, damage response Y
chp1+ ? chromodomain protein, required for centromere function
chp2+ clo2+ no homologue chromodomain protein, related to Swi6p and HP1 Y
cig1+ ? B-type cyclin, function not clear. Not essential. See cdc13+
cig2+ CLB5 and CLB6 B-type cyclin in S phase, not essential. See cdc13+
clp1+ cfh1+ flp1+ CDC14 phosphatase, involved in septation. Not essential in pombe
clr1+ no homologue DNA binding protein
clr3+ HDA1 histone deacetylase
clr4+ no homologue histone H3 methyl transferase Y; Drosphila Su(var) 3-9
clr6+ RPD3 Histone deacetylase Y
cmb1+ no homologue Mismatch and damage recognition/HMG protein
cnd1+ YCS4/LOC7 condensin subunit; XCAP-D2 Y
cnd2+ BRN1 condensin subunit; XCAP-H Y
cnd3+ YCG1/TIE1/YCS5 condensin subunit; XCAP-G Y
cnp1+ CSE4 CENP-A homologue; centromere specific H3 histone Y
cps1+ drc1+ GLS1 and GLS2 1,3-(beta)-glucan synthase.
csk1+ CAK/CIV1 CAK-activating kinase Y
csn1+ no homologue Signalosome subunit 1 Y
csn2+ no homologue Signalosome subunit 2 Y
csn4+ no homologue Signalosome subunit 4 Y
csn5+ RRI1 Signalosome subunit 5 Y
csn7+ no homologue Signalosome subunit 7 Y
ctf18+ chl12+ CTF18/CHL12 RFC-1 related protein required for chromosome transmission
ctr4+ CTR1 and CTR3 High affinity copper transporter
cuf1+ MAC1 Copper-sensing transcription factor
cuf2+ no homologue? Metal ion homeostasis protein
cut1+ ESP1 promotes anaphase. Separin.
cut2+ PDS1 APC substrate, blocks cut1. Securin.
cut3+ SMC4 condensin, SMC4 subunit Y
cut4+ APC1 APC subunit Y
cut6+ ACC1 acetyl coA carboxylase
cut7+ CIN8 and KIP1 kinesin Y
cut8+ DBF8 ? regulates APC?
cut9+ CDC16 APC subunit Y
cut11+ NDC1 nuclear envelope protein at SPBs and NPCs
cut12+ no homologue required for spindle formation
cut14+ SMC2 condensin, SMC2 subunit Y
cut17+ bir1+ BIR1 Bir1/Survivin, chromosomal passenger protein Y
cut20+ lid1+ APC4 APC subunit Y
cut23+ CDC23/APC8 TPR-protein, APC component Y
cyr1+ git2+ CYR1 adenylate cyclase
dfp1+ him1+ rad35+ DBF4 regulatory subunit of CDC7-type kinase Y
dhc1+ DYN1 dynein motor protein
dim1+ DIB1 Required for mitosis.
Note the designation Dim1 was used later for a different gene encoding a dimethylase.
dis1+ STU1 TOG-family microtubule associated proteins (also see Mtc1/Alp14) Y
dis2+ GLC7 PPI-class phosphatase. Also see Sds21
dmc1+ DMC1 meiosis specific Rhp51 (RAD51) homologue, presumed required for meiotic pairing
dna2+ DNA2 helicase Y
drc1+ DRC1/SLD2 CDK target, binds Rad4/Cut5, required for S phase.
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eso1+ CTF7/ECO1 (C-terminal)
RAD30 (N-terminal) Required for sister chromatid cohesion and possibly for repair. A gene fusion: the C-terminus looks like CTF7/ECO1, and the N-terminus looks like RAD30 Y
exo1+ EXO1 Mismatch repair/5′ to 3′ exonuclease
git3+ GPR1 G protein coupled glucose receptors
gpa1+ GPA1 G protein alpha subunit in pheromone signalling
gtb1+ TUB4 gamma tubulin
hcn1+ CDC26 APC subunit
hda1+ hoc1+ phd1+ RPD3 histone deacetylase; related to clr6+
his1+ HIS1 ATP phosphoribosyltransferase
his2+ HIS4C histidinol dehydrogenase
his3+ HIS5 histidinol-phosphate aminotransferase
his5+ HIS3 imidazoleglycerol-phosphate dehydratase
his7+ HIS4A phosphoribosyl-AMP cyclohydrase
hhp1+ and hhp2+ HRR25 CK-related kinases; role in repair?
hsk1+ CDC7 DDK: DBF4-Dependent Kinase Y
hus1+ MEC3 Checkpoint factor, also in metazoans. Complex with rad1, 9 Y
ibp1+ YGR203W small Cdc25-like phosphatase ?
imp1+ SPR1 nuclear transport factor
kap104+ KAP104 nuclear transport factor
kap114 KAP114 nuclear transport factor
klp2+ KAR3 kinesin motor; redundant with pkl1+
klp3+ no homologue kinesin motor
klp5+ and klp6+ KIP3 kinesin motors involved in MT dynamics
klp7+ no homologue kinesin motor
klp8+ no homologue kinesin motor
leu1+ LEU2 beta-isopropylmalate dehydrogenase
lys1+ LYS2 alpha-aminoadipate reductase
mal3+ BIM1 EB1 homologue Y
mcm2+ cdc19+ nda1+ MCM2 MCM complex subunit Y
mcm3+ MCM3 MCM complex subunit Y
mcm4+ cdc21+ MCM4/CDC54 MCM complex subunit Y
mcm5+ nda4+ MCM5/CDC46 MCM complex subunit Y
mcm6+ mis5+ MCM6 MCM complex subunit Y
mcm7+ MCM7/CDC47 MCM complex subunit Y
mcs2+ CCL1 cyclin H, forms CAK with mcs6; essential for viability Y
mcs4+ SSK1 response regulator
mcs6+ mop1+ crk1+ KIN28 CDK7, forms CAK (CDK-activating kinase) Y
mdm12+ MDM12 mitochondrial morphology/inheritance component
mek1+ MEK1 Meiosis-specific Cds1 (RAD53) homologue
mei2+ no homologue RNA binding protein required for meiosis
mei3+ no homologue activator of meiosis: inhibits Pat1 kinase
meu13+ HOP2 Required for meiotic recombination and pairing
mik1+ SWE1 CDK tyrosine kinase. Overlaps with wee1+; both are related to SWE1.
mis4+ SCC2 adherin; required for cohesin to associate with chromatin
mis6+ CTF3 inner centromere protein
mis12+ MTW1 inner centromere protein
mph1+ MPS1 kinase, part of spindle checkpoint
mpr1+ ypd1+ YPD1 response regulator phosphotransferase
mrc1+ MRC1 Checkpoint/replication factor, works with Cds1 claspin
msh2+ swi8+ mut3+ MSH2 Mismatch repair/mating-type switching Y
msh6+ MSH6 Mismatch repair Y
mst1+ ESA1 MYST-family histone acetyltransferase Y
mst2+ SAS2 and SAS3 MYST-family histone acetyltransferase Y
mtc1+/alp14+ STU1 TOG-family microtubule associated proteins (also see dis1+) Y
mts2+ YTA1 proteosome subunit
mts3+ NIN1 proteosome subunit
mus81+ MUS81 involved in recombination
nda2+ TUB1 major alpha tubulin Y
nda3+ TUB2 beta tubulin Y
ndc80+ NDC80 centromere-associated spindle component Y, human HEC
nim1+ cdr1+ no homologue? kinase regulates wee1
nuc2+ CDC27 APC subunit Y
nuf2+ NUF2 centromere-associated spindle component Y
nup40+ NUP53 Nucleoporin
nup189+ NUP145 nucleoporin
orp1+ ORC1 Origin Recognition Complex subunit Y
orp2+ ORC2 Origin Recognition Complex subunit Y
orp3+ ORC3 Origin Recognition Complex subunit Y
orp4+ ORC4 Origin Recognition Complex subunit Y
orp5+ ORC5 Origin Recognition Complex subunit Y
orp6+ ORC6 Origin Recognition Complex subunit Y
pat1+ no homologue? (loosely related to SKS1 and other PKs) essential kinase inhibitor of meiosis
pch1+ no homologue? C-type cyclin, essential for viability Y, C type cyclins
pcn1+ POL30 PCNA Y
php2+ HAP2 carbon-source responsive transcription factor
php5+ HAP5 carbon-source responsive transcription factor
pic1+ SLI15 INCENP kinetochore protein Y
pin1+ ESS1 prolyl isomerase Y
pka1+ TPK1, TPK2 and TPK3 protein kinase A Y
pkl1+ KAR3 kinesin motor; redundant with klp2+
pms1+ mlh1+ PMS1 mismatch repair protein Y
pob1+ BOI1 and BOI2 required for cytokinesis
pol1+ swi7+ pola+ POL1/CDC17 DNA polymerase alpha Y
pop1+ CDC4 like sud1+; SCF
pot1+ no homologue? protects telomere ends Y
ppe1+ SIT4 protein phosphatase
prp2+ MUD2 large subunit splicing factor U2AF
prp4+ no homologue kinase required for splicing
prp31+ PRP31 splicing factor Y
psm1+ smc1+ SMC1 cohesin subunit Y
psm3+ smc3+ SMC3 cohesin subunit Y
psc3+ SCC3 cohesin subunit Y
puc1+ CLN3?? cyclin, not essential. Acts in G1 at cell cycle entry/exit
rad1+ RAD17 Checkpoint factor Y
rad2+ RAD27, RTH1 FEN1 nuclease Y
rad3+ MEC1 ATR(ATM) checkpoint kinase Y
rad4+ cut5+ DPB11 checkpoint and replication factor Y; TopBP1 or XMus101
rad9+ DDC1 Checkpoint factor Y
rad11+ rpa1+ ssb1+ RPA1 large subunit RPA Y
rad13+ RAD2 excision repair protein
rad15+ rhp3+ rad5+ RAD3 TFIIH subunit involved in NER and transcription
rad16+ rad10+ rad20+ swi9+ RAD1 NER protein
rad17+ RAD24 checkpoint protein, RFC1 related
rad18+ RHC18 SMC-like protein involved in several repair processes
rad21+ MCD1 cohesin Y
rad22+ and rti1+ RAD52 RAD52 recombination proteins Y
rad24+ BMH1 14-3-3 protein Y
rad25+ BMH2 14-3-3 protein
rad26+ DDC2 checkpoint factor
rad32+ MRE11 Repair nuclease Y
ras1+ RAS1 and RAS2 ras homologue, not essential Y
rdh54+ RDH54, TID1 meiosis specific Rhp54 (RAD54) homologue Y
rec8+ REC8 meiotic cohesin, rad21+ homologue
rec12+ SPO11 meiotic early-recombination protein
rep1+ no homologue? meiosis-activator of cdc10 transcription factor
rep2+ no homologue? activator of cdc10 transcription factor
res1+ sct1+ SWI4 partner to cdc10 transcription factor
res2+ MBP1 partner to cdc10 transcription factor
rfc1+ RFC1 Replication factor -C large subunit Y
rfc3+ RFC3 Replication factor -C subunit 3 Y
rhp4a+ and rhp4b+
Incorrect nomenclature
Recommended is rhp41 and 42 RAD4 nucleotide-excision repair
rhp6+ RAD6 UBC2 repair protein Y
rhp9+ crb2+ RAD9 Checkpoint protein Y?
rhp14+ RAD14 nucleotide-excision repair
rhp16+ RAD16 NER protein
rhp26+ RAD26 NER protein, SWI2/SNF2 family Y
rhp51+ RAD51 recombination repair
rhp54+ RAD54 recombination repair
rhp55+ RAD55 recombination repair
rpa2+ ssb2+ RPA2 RPA subunit Y
rpa3+ ssb3+ RPA3 RPA subunit
rqh1+ rad12+ hus2+ SGS1 RecQ type helicase, BLM/WRN homologue Y
rti1+ no homologue 2nd RAD52 homologue
rum1+ no homologue CDK inhibitor; functionally similar to SIC1
sds1+ GLC7 PPI-class phosphatase (see dis2)
sfc1+ TFC1 TFCIII subunit required for polIII transcription
sfc3+ TFC3 TFCIII subunit required for polIII transcription
sfc4+ TFC4 TFCIII subunit required for polIII transcription
sfc6+ TFC6 TFCIII subunit required for polIII transcription
sid2+ DBF2 and DBF20 kinase, for septation/cytokinesis
skb1+ HSL7 protein methyltransferase Y
skp1+ gsk3+ GSK3 glycogen synthase kinase Y
sla1+ LHP1 La protein binds nascent pol III transcripts
sld3+ SLD3 Replication factor
slm9+ HIR2 Synthetic lethal with cdc25
slp1+ CDC20 APC activator (Fizzy) Y
SPAC1B1.03c KAP95 nuclear transport factor
SPCC1322.06 KAP120 nuclear transport factor
SPAC22G7.02 KAP122 nuclear transport factor
SPBC14F5.03C KAP123 nuclear transport factor
sal3+ PSE1 KAP121 nuclear transport factor
SPBC30B4.05 CSE1 nuclear transport factor
SPCC18B5.07c NUP2 nucleoporin
SPAC22G7.09c NUP49 nucleoporin
SPBC19G7.15 NUP57 nucleoporin
SPBC428.01c NUP84 nucleoporin
SPBC17G9.04c NUP85 nucleoporin
SPBC3B9.16c NUP120 nucleoporin
SPAC1805.04 NUP133 nucleoporin
SPAC23D3.06c NUP159 nucleoporin
SPCC290.03c NUP192 nucleoporin
SPAC26A3.15c NSP1 nucleoporin
SPAC15F9.02 SEH1 nucleoporin
SPBC28F2.02 YOR091W Nuclear pore complex-associated
SPCC162.08 MLP1 Nuclear pore complex-associated
SPAC2C4.11c YOR145C Nuclear pore complex-associated
SPCC4B3.07 YOR051W Nuclear pore complex-associated
spc1+ sty1+ phh1+ HOG1 MAPK, downsream of 2 component response regulator
spc24+ SPC24 centromere-associated spindle component
spg1+ TEM1 GTPase, involved in septation and mitotic exit
spk1+ FUS3 MAPK, pheromone signalling
SPAC3C7.06c IME2 ? putative protein kinase
srw1+ ste9+ HCT1/CDH1 APC activator, WD protein
suc1+ CKS1 small CDK associated protein Y
suc22+ RNR2 small subunit ribonucleotide reductase
sud1+ CDC4 like pop1+; SCF
swi1+ TOF1 required for mating type switching and replication fork pausing
swi3+ CSM3 required for mating type switching and replication fork pausing
swi4+ MSH3 Mating-type switching
swi5+ SAE3 Mating-type switching, recombination in meiosis and mitosis Y
swi6+ no homologue chromodomain protein, HP1 related Y
swi10+ RAD10 NER and mating-type switching
taz1+ no homologue? binds telomeres; pombe equivalent of TRF1/2? Y
tea1+ no homologue? involved in cell polarity
tea2+ KIP2 kinesin motor/cell morphology
tel1+ TEL1 ATM-related kinase (see rad3+)
trt1+ EST2 catalytic subunit of telomerase
tup11+ and tup12+ TUP1 co-repressor proteins
uap2+ CUS2 U2 snRNP associated protein
ura4+ URA3 orotidine 5′-phosphate decarboxylase
wee1+ SWE1 CDK tyrosine kinase. Not essential. Overlaps with mik1+ Y


S.cerevisiae genes without pombe homologues (decidedly incomplete) Gene product or protein function
IME1 Transcription factor, required for meiosis
RME1 Zinc finger protein
SPO13 meiosis regulator
MSH4 recombination factor required in meiosis
MSH5 recombination factor required in meiosis