The Latin American and Iberian Cultures faculty encourages all students, especially majors and minors, to study in a Spanish- or Portuguese-speaking country.  Not only will your language skills significantly improve, you will acquire a firsthand knowledge of your host country’s culture.

The Department offers its own summer programs in Madrid and Santander, Spain.  In these programs, students live with families and take one or two courses with USC and/or local faculty.  The focus of the Santander program is basic language instruction.

Department faculty also lead various programs in other cities and countries including Brazil, Cuba, and Cusco-Lima (Peru), Granada-Marrakech (Spain and Morroco), and Mexico City and Oaxaca (Mexico).

USC Dornsife offers fall and summer programs at the USC Madrid Center.  Course offerings include “Introduction to Contemporary Spanish Theatre” and “Paintings in the Prado Museum,” which take advantage of the program’s location in Madrid.

Through the USC Dornsife Office of Overseas Studies, you can learn about semester or year programs in 29 countries, including several programs in Latin America, the Caribbean, and Spain that are of special interest to students of Spanish and Portuguese.

USC Dornsife also sponsors the Problems Without Passports program, which allows students to research societal challenges of a transnational or global nature.  In 2012, students in Anthropology 301, “The Global Performance of Healing,” traveled to Brasilia and Abadiana, Brazil, while those in International Relations 404, “International Policy Task Force: Rethinking U.S.-Cuban Relations,” studied in Washington and Miami as well as Havana.

Please refer to our Maymesters, Julymesters, and Past Programs pages to learn about upcoming and past study abroad programs.