Course format:

Classes take place from Monday to Thursday for four hours a day, a schedule intended to accommodate program and individual trips. Included in the program are two trips: one to Madrid and another one to the Basque Country or a different location within Spain. During these trips students attend cultural events and/or conduct mini-research projects that are instrumental for the completion of course tasks. Students are free to travel on their own on free weekends (they will be asked to provide contact details for safety reasons).


Program cost, based on our 2020 edition, should be approximately as follows:

Tutition:           $7600 approx. (4 summer units)
Lodging:           $1200 approx. (full board in host families)
Airfare:             $1500 approx. (depending on when students purchase it)

Dornsife students who have a GPA of 3.0 or higher are eligible for financial support from the Del Amo fund.


Santander is a mid-size, coastal city in northern Spain. It is a common tourist destination for Spanish nationals and offers plenty of entertainment for visitors but remains largely untouched by international tourism, making it a perfect location to access the Spanish culture and ensure ample exposure to the language. It is very safe and easily accessed by way of the local Seve Ballesteros Airport (SDR) or the neighboring Bilbao-Loiu Airport (BIO).

For questions please contact the director:

Goretti Prieto Botana

THH 156G

(213) 740 3461


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Photo by USC student Celina Huixuan Jin, LAIC Imagine Photo Contest submission. Playa de la Magdalena; Santander, Spain.